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Was it about the opportunity there the makes you feel like as a place where you want to sign in play first i i just had at first time had a chance to play with warm weather right in my career but uh it was it was a no brainer especially percrent federal we have here and uh if you make your life if you'd like so much you're wherein the front seven air or good pampered it michael backed up when a playing warm weather i mean it seems like half inch yes but there's some to it would talk about the reasoning behind that it how much difference does a make to find the pleasant games and warm weather i'm you'll find out but how big a factor was that your decision it was a huge factor i'm out even though i was in a dome it'd be you know um is different uh when you come in from ukraine in the don't on a date you go outdoors and a cold only adjustment is definitely adjustment at you have a big crude on their because minitiature record deal with different places so um playing at home definitely own that's why everybody wants to win at home is at home they don't wanna go on ru on a play on we're talking to mike adams now mike back in camp you instagram a pick of you in christian mccaffrey and you were a sophomore in high school when he was warned that is an insane stat what's a life unlike that whoa that's an insane stat what's it like to be a veteran like dataman you've been called og old school what's like to be in the locker room when you've got that kind of time in on their new it's pretty cool now because i remember what our uh that young but corner bryan young owned in you know calling chair it well can't really will be though he would odor but it wasn't like that but it is different you know all the different perspective and guy'd come company asked the question you look up to be uh uh not just football about life so i i'm i grieve that amber and i i love it and it what's a like.

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