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It's seventy five degrees at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a fire breaks out of the Tampa yacht and country club and it became a rescue mission to save dozens of horses nearby. Firefighters responded to the blaze at fifty three twenty interbay boulevard around ten twenty last night. Flames were shooting through the roof of a single story. Masonry building some twenty seven horses in stables adjacent to the building had to be moved to avoid getting burned. Fire crews were able to contain the flames by attacking it from all sides. The building was a storage facility for maintenance equipment. The horses were all save Saint Petersburg. Police are investigating the murder of a man found lying in the street. Officers responded to ninth place south they discovered fifty eight-year-old Rodney Bascom with a gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital where he later died in investigation into the murder. Continues. Tampa police chief tells city leaders there's been a big improvement in the way the department enforces bike rules when it comes to race. But some council members are still skeptical. Tampa police chief Brian Dugan. Tell city council bike citations are way down only thirty three this year of the twenty three hundred bikes stops most were given warnings. But councilman Frank Radic points out that the majority of those bike stops and citations involved, black males. Are you going into the black community and in the black males because Abby damage they're going to white community at ten? Morning. Dugan points out that most DUI arrests. For instance, involve whites in south, Tampa each community within.

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