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Outdoor security camera. That's right simplisafe this system. Us news and world report named best home security system at twenty twenty. One just got even better. This brand new outdoor security cameras engineer with all the advanced technology and security features. You want and need help. Keep you and your family safe. As an ultra wide hundred forty degree field of uc can keep watch over your tire yard has hd resolution within eight time. Soon that means you cannot zoom in and see things cruelest faces and license plates. A captured critical evidence built in spotlight with color. Night-vision she keep an eye on. What's going on. Day or michael craig here dave. We'll see if he wants to talk to us a couple questions. Super simple setup usually takes just minutes easy to remove rechargeable battery. So it doesn't eat nowlin anywhere on your property texting him. I limb though. Maybe texting time and question. No question Th learn more about the exciting new simplisafe wireless outdoor security cameras has all by the way everything is your whole home now. Indoors and out door window room protected the properties. Well physical safe dot com slash kirk simplisafe dot com slash kirk What's more safer new camera by offering twenty percents entire new system. And your first month of monitoring service free so you go simplisafe dot com slash kirk simplisafe dot com slash pro life now with these guys. Don't let's see hi. You reach nothing. Forget it now. How come see the crazy show anymore. It's too much trouble too much..

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