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Expiry Pershing LLC Pershing adviser solutions LLC are both members of and sit back this is a Bloomberg market minute self driving cars keep hitting speed bumps General Motors is the latest to announce a delay the GM crew self driving unit had planned to debut a rebel taxi by the end of this year proving more and more difficult to get the technology really ready for every kind of situation a car can encounter on the road David Welch Bloomberg's Detroit bureau chief says they won't challenges taking humans out from behind the wheel about a human driving so until they can do it better than the people on the road they're just going to keep testing until they get there also this window unit had thought its own driverless ride hailing service would be up and running by now and the fatal collision last year's said Cooper's Wrobel taxing ambitions back none of it works if the cars on safe well Julian's crew this won't have rebel Texas ready this year its CEO says it's not too far off they're working at sometime next year to pull this off cruises rapidly expanding testing Donald Wilson Bloomberg radio thank you thank you for this great honor as CEO of this company I couldn't be happier with our accomplishments this year we achieve double digit growth we lost key personnel but we didn't miss a step I want to take a moment to thank one of our key partners serious executives when I first heard of serious I was a little skeptical what is an intermix second half when they told me one executive at one day a week can help us get double digit growth I was shocked I didn't even know that was possible and here we are twelve months later and Sirius will continue to be one of our key partners for years to come because regardless of the problems that show up in our business they always have an executive solution ready for us so.

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