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Differences between capitalism, and socialism, you can learn all these things in a hell of a lot more for free. They're taught by the best professors. Hillsdale College as a service to our country. Offers you free online courses that provide a taste of the core curriculum that every Hillsdale College student takes the core. The teachers had a think critically and act virtuously just sign up for one or more of hillsdale's popular courses for free. And then start learning whenever you like. Visit levinforhillsdale dot com. Right now. That's l e v I n for hillsdale dot com. You'll be on your way to a rich and meaningful education. But it needs to start now before they pull the page and replace it with something else. Start learning registered today for free at levinforhillsdale dot com. L E V I n for hillsdale dot com. Thursday by my calculation and calendar that's today's or not I will be announcing the various book signings. One two three they'll be four of them. I might add a fifth at some point. But for them for now. So you're gonna wanna listen, very carefully. I can't do these long bookstores just can't do, but I will do some book tour also. Again, I want to strongly encourage you. If you've been thinking about getting a copy of unfreedom of the press, you've heard me talk to you about some what I believe to be very compelling and fascinating. Matters that I raised in the book. That we will be using. And I can assure you that others will be using whether. On TV or radio or on Capitol Hill or just in your own communities. Now's the time to preorder a copy of believe it's forty percent off give or take on freedom of the press on freedom of the press by yours..

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