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About the team Andrew. This is what you like to say. This is our fourth year with Matthias, and to be honest, the cohesiveness within the group, I don't think has been stronger. We brought in some really, really good guys, guys who are personality who have been in MLS who've been in a lot of locker rooms. Being here for a while and seeing how San Jose works, I think this is one of the stronger teams that we have. So we're not too focused on the outside noise and what's happening. Even the coach only speaks about day in and day out. We're getting ready for the game on Saturday. Of the MLS baffins that you all know, only one of them have San Jose at 7th place in the west. That's the best they have them. Everybody else in the brains trust has them at 11th, 12th and 13th. So. I don't know why. It's not like they've got bad players, but he's had situations not unlike the Elsa where they'll play a man for man and get caught open. So I don't know what to expect. I honestly. It sounds like you do. They'll be bad. Yeah, it doesn't sound like you don't. Yeah, but like I said, you know, I did try to say why you might go, like Greg us is a good sign in. Okay, you didn't sell. You didn't sell it hard enough. I'm sorry. You only sold the negative, JJ. All right, well, I'm sorry. Okay. And then finally, I think blankety blank are the best team in the league. Wasn't with at least a little bit of pause that I said this, but I don't know. Call me old fashioned, looking back at last season. But I went with the revs. I went with New England vaults. And I say it with some pause because they've lost tejon Buchanan to club Bruges, they're going to lose Matt Turner, of course, to arsenal later this summer. There's a chance that it sounds like they're going to lose Adam books this summer as well. It sounds like they tried to get rid of them just recently the most recent transfer window and it didn't go through, but they're going to try again. But there's still loaded. And what's more is you look at how they're loaded and you can see, okay, this is a team that is just straight up going for it. When you bring in guys like Josie, Omar Gonzalez, Sebastian legit, like this is not a team building for tomorrow. This is about right now. We saw what we were last season, really, really great, but just like couldn't quite get over the top, so they're going to try to bring in guys who they believe are capable of doing that. Who have done that? So, I mean, lots of talent all over the place. Josie is the interesting one. We talked about that. And we kind of said that it's fitness, not necessarily talent. That's his issue. So if you look at the way this could go for New England, like Adam book, so while he's there, might be more of their mainstay. And then if he departs over the summer as is what's expected, well then Josie can slot in. Like it's not like they may not need to ask Josie to be the guy for them all throughout the season. If he comes in kind of midsummer, gets informed and then that may be ideal for him rather than having to carry the load week and week out. So we'll see, Carlos heal obviously reigning league MVP. Tremendous player, but here's the thing that I wonder about them. And we're thinking of MLS cup and supporters shield and stuff like that. I'm with this team kind of thing and a little bit more about right now. And the cocky caf Champions League, which they advanced to the quarterfinals by default. They could do this. I think that they could do this. And it's great to win an MLS cup and support a shield, but lots of teams have done that only one can win the Kaka Champions League..

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