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It's great to see the familiar names and faces and Guy host just last night was looking at the euro when you sent me a letter in the mail and very her my bulletin more. No look that last night and you know it's just cool that there's there's these great people that are praying for me and it's awesome so thank you so much all of you. I have some some cool stuff today to go through their some stuff about matt gaetz. We're gonna continue on that There is let's see what else do we have. We have Apparently republicans in the worst people ever which we knew that alex jones literally looks like saved some children from who knows maybe not from say anything bad except for at least one thing that appears to be illegal and alex jones now guy. I'm a big fan of necessarily all the time but sometimes and eric bolling The former fox news host walked off the set somewhere on a bbc programme and so There's a lot going on and then Some other fun news for those who just a little personal note you know. I left a job about a month and a half ago. and Took some time off. And did this travel thing which i enjoyed immensely and came back with the idea that Going to start a new business answer. Today was the first day out doing it and was able to the first client and looks like we're often running and So life is good. And i know some of you have been praying for me that way and so i wanted to let you know that that is We're moving ahead So matt gaetz was This story came out matt. Gaetz is accused of sex trafficking and basically the accusation. Is this that matt gaetz Pays for or has paid for the travel and lodgings and other associated things of women he dates and the accusation came out new york times that he did that for someone who's seventeen years old and he denies it and it's In the wake of that he went on tv. On the tucker. Carlson show and i played it for. He has last week. I think he went on tv and said hey man this guy was trying to shake me down and for twenty five million dollars which led me to think. How does matt gaetz a congressman. Get twenty five million dollars at his age or get the answer to that and we actually have video and audio of the guy who is trying to shake down matt gaetz admitting it we also have a statement from the women who work in his office and Some other things so we're gonna get into that and then.

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