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Became thing. when did you say. I need to look at what is wouldn't have but then my business partner came into my came into my life. His name is jim bro or and so he came to me he was like i really both in this. We had a mutual friend who started something called. No madness was a black travel group and he came to me. It was like I see what you're doing. I think his job. And i've known of him because i wanted to start running ads because i knew i can maximize when i was doing. I didn't know how taking some of his free online webinars. And i remember. Basically at the his upset was to work with him. It was ten thousand dollars. Ooh q now. We don't have here. You know i was like it was ten dollars. We really have over here back then but then he saw that was taking his classes that he asked me was like. Oh i think what you're doing you know. I would love to help now. It was like okay so we partnered up and he's the one for one. He's the one who taught me before we could win because he was like okay. Let's commit to spending thirty dollars a day on ads bra thirty day. Each ride girl that i'd he was like oh okay How that he was. Okay we have to make money. That's i i'm open. He said give me a list. I'll never forget. Give me a list of all the companies that financial compensation she use a new like eight. Trust i said okay. I made this list. Maybe like six or seven. He went online and said okay of the six or seven. Three of them have referral programs. I was i was that he was like every time i refer them. They'll give you money. I was like for yes so instead by normal referral i would just use the tiffany link for that company and then all of a sudden they were making thirty forty fifty thousand dog. He said nassau fast because absorb that money and feel good about it or we can use it to run ads. I was saying how much spur sam bringing all of it because budget needs to like. I said speaking teaching as well. You know what that's been enough to carry me through kind of money but it's enough fine so we put the money into at a we. At first we were just ready ashes to test to see how many people we can get to like our page. How many people. In if we can get to the facebook group and when i told them about my literature challenge he said perfect. Let's run adds to the challenge. And so that really. It wasn't we weren't. We weren't ready adds to recoup any money. It was just to build the the list. I was i. This'll evenings at djibril towing back. I didn't understand until later. I remember he was so amit. Like i wish we could get more monies. We can put into adamant. Why do you want to axel bad girl. We were getting conversion conversion amount or or cost per acquisition. That's a cpa as low as three cents per person. Get out today not exactly. I was in two thousand fourteen fifteen today that same person. My costs us ten dollars. Do you see why it's going to be very hard for someone to compete with my numbers because you have to spend ten dollars for for one person. That is set three cents on that. He was like because he was like. Don't well let's not worry about making money right now. If we can get our numbers out we can. We can tap into later. But let's just get up. You're trying to get the list. Yes i understand that. But i'd like now. I wish i could come back with tiffany future money by people you know that email was powerful like and so so yes. That's what it was it. Was we send people to my literature challenge and then from the challenges. We learn how to start to monetize aspects of the challenge. Like here's a credit thing that we use here is that And bank account that gives twenty five dollars per person so the challenge started to monetize and then each challenge. I bought a book write for each salads. And that monetize the challenges too. Because i remember the first time i may ten thousand dollars in one month i had it on my vision board. I was girl sometime. When you're eighty five that will. I have visible at one day. You ten thousand dollars a month. This is what. I was still on my sister's couch and i was like what is that going to happen. And what happened was i had my first book. The one we budget two thousand like eight or nine or ten right and get sold by one hundred copies first one and then one copy that one copy then kinda petered off and started selling decent. Maybe twenty thirty copies. But you know. I think the most i've ever made an about labels a couple thousand dollars and that was because of a speaking engagement and this is have to be so listening to your audience so i did deliver challenge and someone said in november. It was gonna launch in january. I challenge and they said. Is there a book version. And i was like now. This is a free challenge. Says get the free if it was a book per day. One that someone else is like. I don't really like being online like that. Can you do a book version. I was like now one really like yes. Yes like no why. Why don't you like pay. You and i was like why don't i. I found a young. I still use hector and the time he was like i think he was in l. You know who started college at. I paid him like three hundred dollars to take because they it was an email towns less slash blog. Post challenge so every day. You would get a late in your email saying. Hey here's today's task and you click on the block by. So i said hector. If you're on the blockposts can you put it in book. Form his lower cover and he was like sure three hundred dollars. He formatted it. I said are. I've been in this book. Even though the towns ring you go. And i thought to myself whenever a couple going by it. No i may ten thousand dollars in sales now. That's what i was like the power of the list and that's encouraging to. I hope it's encouraging for you guys. Because i think sometimes especially when you're running ads to like a freebie like a challenge it and let's you know at least certainly. I've talked about trip wires on the. Thank you page and you know the conversion is not where i wanted to be a tweet tweet but you have to remember the powerful news. The email powerful part is though though facebook ad conversions. looking pass. so i'm going to continue to focus on that and using it to build up the list because i've ignored it for too long. I need to get back to jack if you don't know if you're like i don't know what to do if you don't do anything else for your list..

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