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The south coast from the WBZ newsroom. Beers JR this. He's WB SMU eighty nine degrees and sunny, a second rabid band has been discovered in Wareham department of natural resource officers in the town were called to a home on Sunday after a bat made its way inside the residents and came in contact with the person that was removed and taken to a rabies laboratory where the disease was confirmed in the animal. The bet was destroyed officials say the second confirmed rabid bat found him at town. But most recent incident taking place within a mile in less than a week. After the first discovery residents are urged to make sure their pets. Rabies vaccines are up to date to prevent infection. Detectives had Fairhaven of arrested in New Bedford man after seeing what appeared to be a drug deal just afternoon time yesterday after further investigation. Police report Thirty-three-year-old Dominique king of pleasant street. New Bedford it's old heroin to a female buyer. Detectives reports seizing twenty eight. Eight grams of heroin and over six hundred dollars in cash king who reportedly already has open cases for possession of heroin with intent to distribute was charged with trafficking over eighteen grams of heroin and conspiracy to violate drug laws. He was arraigned this morning. To New Bedford man arrested. Just as a fight was about to break out. Police were called to collect street just after three thirty yesterday afternoon for the report of a disturbance as offers arrived to men who knew each other. We're about to fight police say both men were armed with weapons but did not disclose what they were the one of the men was making threats. Police arrested the men twenty six year old Jonathan Pino lumber and fifty year old Charles failure both of New Bedford both face charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. And disorderly conduct penal Lamba faces additional charges of threatening to commit a crime trespassing. Intimidating a witness carrying a weapon and threatening to use a firearm. Governor Charlie baker's questioning audit that says more than nineteen hundred Massachusetts driver's license had been issued under the names of dead people. A state audit released today concluded the registry of motor vehicles issued nineteen hundred five driver's license to individuals after their date of death maker rejected the findings telling reporters. Today that everybody on that list is alive. WBZ news time is four or five in sports. The Red Sox have the night off they returned to Fenway park. Tomorrow.

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