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Keeping an eye on what taylor van cise at the editor's desk stephanie grisham the new white house press secretary and communications director replacing sarah sanders stepping down at month's end grisham has been first lady melania trump's chief spokesperson and we'll do both jobs announcement just coming from mrs trump in a tweet the murder trial of decorated navy seal is underway again today eddie gallagher is accused of murdering an isis prisoner in iraq but in a stunning turn of events last week a witness for the prosecution testified he had killed the prisoner today lead n._c._i._s. investigator special agent joseph or pinski takes a stand in san diego he's been accused of misconduct by defense attorneys komo news time ten sixteen And. To go. oh you may have heard that song before it's california cast iron soul by jamestown revival that's other utilize that to be playing tonight at new mos here in seattle and guys you hear most prominently on just about every song are here with me in the studio from jamestown revival of jonathan clay and zach chance welcome to seattle guys thanks for having well we're very excited to see not only songs from that utah album and the education of a wandering abby brand new album santa's avella just came out last friday before last june fourteenth so it's been a very short time tell us about the making of that album you guys kind of went off in a little bit of i dunno seclusion right were but you kind of chance to reflect and rejuvenate a little bit yeah it was seclusion alright we took to the woods to a small town of bona vista in colorado and it backs up to the national forest so it's woods i far as you can see and there's a nice little cabin up there and we hold up there for two weeks and converted into a studio just wrote in recorded we shared it we wrote a couple of songs there a lot of songs we took with us up there but yeah there were few songs conceived and recorded entirely at the cabin let's get a little back story here you guys met down in magnolia texas when you were early teens mid teens fifteen years old yeah we wrote our first song fifteen actually so even for a while we've put that one in the vault Never to be heard again. well i it's been a really kind of cool discovering your music because as a fan of gosh ban bands like poco and the eagles everything harmonies are always been kind of fun for me to listen to and you guys have a very unique and very well matched vocal style that was the guys kind of noticed right away gosh it's so weird singing by myself almost feels awkward little naked yeah you know just looking at the people who in our opinion of just mastered the art of harmony it just seeing that is different than seeing myself and you know from the early brothers to the leuven brothers to simon and garfunkel to you know crosby stills name yeah yeah just these people who make it it sounds like three voices when it's only two right right absolutely right this too shall pass is a song off of the new album we're gonna play a little snippet of it here do you wanna tell us anything about the background of this you know had no exact place one day we were planning on writing and just a an it was one of those unlucky string of events days and it just it just seemed like man i'm ready to get done with this and said down and we just kind of start picking that thing on guitar and sometimes the songs just seem to right themselves the good ones at least like they just just your conduit channeling it here's a little clip of that as we go to a break and be back with more with jamestown revival in a moment we have to check business news we can't do without that update on the markets let's find out what's happened it's probably nothing you really want to hear all that badly because we're down across the board the dow's off ninety two or three quarters the s._p..

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