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Her daughter the friend's daughter is some of blair's daughters best friend so like some of that there is a good scene where they're talking it like their little brunch she's spot after like working out and the other selma blair's friend is like i saw her changing the other day and she so perking whenever blah blah blah and those things are going to sagging twelve years and i got a little happy about that this is that wrong lines like vat better fruity great but i was waiting for it was weird because i didn't think it was going to go full violent because i think it needed to because the killings were really i wasn't connecting with any of them because you couldn't see them right which is weird to say because i'm not one who pushes for a lot of gratuitous violence in movies but i feel like if you're going to have a movie that violent you need to show it or you need to actually commit to it sure wreck is this because the rating was no it's our that's definitely aren't as it gets there about a half hour in it kind of kick kicked in for me and there is a scene where selma blair sister it goes into labor and selma blair is it is with at the bedside of her sister and her sister has the kid and as soon as the kid pops out the frigate tv in the room goes static he in selma player sister goes it takes us go by the way it rocks at it must have been love qixin like it gets a little ridiculous but it must have been love is blaring and then someone blair sister goes at her freshly newborn child with a scalpel in selma blair has to has to save the baby and there is a slashing of an umbilical cord it is crazy but it's it's like gin and it must have been a lot of his blaring at that i hear i told my mom this story can end please ground give us a spoiler but just keno with your eyes just just blink once if the baby lives.

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