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Relevancy? Humanistic significance. And I matter I matter to the system. Now, here's the thing. Trump craves that on really karnal level to like most unreached people. Do I did didn't you when you were on regenerate person? Isn't was this your great you're especially as a man boy, we love our significance as men, right? We will. We will do all kinds of stupid stuff in search of it. Right. Yes. It search of legacy. So the beauty of it is though he has a platform that pardon the expression trumps all the rest of these. Of all the unrig generate people in our system. He has the platform that Trump's all of the other ones. So even engaging them going to war against them. You're still sort of acknowledging Taiwan exists. Right. You really boy. If you are if you're in Trump's inner circle. You really wanna stick it to CNN? You really wanna stick it to the failing New York Times? Stick with that message. Oh. Who cares? And if he does it to me, I kind of had a Eureka moment these last couple of days with the McDonald's thing too. And Clemson like he. His he really was confused in the first two years of his presidency about how much people hated him people of clue hated him before. But a lot of people loved him and liked him on both sides. That's why you see all these photo ops of all these Hollywood people they wanted to be and I think it really hit him like a ton of bricks the level of hatred got. And if if he does what you're asking. It'll mean he finally, and listen even for Donald Trump that might take a while to come to terms with if he Finally I don't care about that then he can govern. Yes. Agreed. If he can get over I want I want Maggie Haberman at the near. Yes, I have curried favor with for the last fifteen years. I want her to acknowledge my great victory in two thousand sixteen if he can just get over all of that. I need you to knowledge had more people at my inauguration. If he can if he can finally just come to grips with the fact that the mini put an R after his name elected that Jay Z's and snoop Dogg bringing find him cool anymore. That's right. And even just point realize that there's nothing he can do to change that. I was reading an account before we went on the air today. A college football player who visited the White House in the Clinton years. They got Popeye's chicken. Really? Yeah..

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