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And to grow our membership and make sure that we are providing the types of opportunities in the types of business first programming that really does help more women take it to the next level so uh part of that is um you know communications part of that is event planning it has for this weekend's uh part of that is a little bit of outreach and organisational background to so i think it's a nice like potpourri of my background an exciting way to advance a mission that i'm very very passionate about and we'll more question for you guys was there any kind of ca starting a business for any putty is like you take a deep breath and especially if you're like quitting you know a fulltime job and jumping in feet first what is that been like for you guys was there now what was it like especially in the beginning thinking all right i'm gonna do this it was to me a combination of circumstances and kind of figuring out exactly what i wanted to do in my life uh i was actually live in chicago at the time i was working as visual merchandiser kinda focused in jewelry um but circumstances happened um i was forced ten of forced to move home which ended up being to me it was like really stressful at the time but it ended up being a huge blessing because it allow me to kind of figure out what it was that i wanted to do and decide okay you know starting a business doing jewelry designer this is what i wanted to do fulltime man i was fortunate enough which you know not a lot of people are but i was in a situation where you know i have family supporting the and everything and i kinda take that leap but for the others um so i had sort of fallen back into a yogapracticing and it was really fantastic and i'm thinking had this is so great everyone should do this like i go to this dropping class on sundays at the lake my whole body had been to church and i'm like black people need this and i need to bring it to them so here's what i gotta do.

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