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Either but I'm not allowed to either. I sneak in my part popcorn here anyway. So all right. Tell me about it out. Zebra not this podcast. You run the treadmill this morning. Yes I did just about hour ago. Okay Slightly Kiva T.. Bird is yeah Q.. Siebert it's like a a starting pitcher that's had like too many days off that she had high like run a couple of miles on the treadmill before she does a podcast. She doesn't like come in too strong. Yeah eight days rest for a couple of rain out. Yeah I hear you. Yeah okay so we spend a wheel of ideas listeners. Right in their ideas we spin the wheel and do whatever comes up and and one of the ideas is season three episode seven. We have a fishbowl filled with ping pong balls some would say we're a few ping pong balls short of the fishbowl. But AKIVA got pick out whatever he wanted and this is the one he wanted and so we're going to talk with you about season three episode number seven from Your Season of server. And that's what we're here to do so that you re watch it or you have them all committed to memory all right so Robin Kiva. You're not gonNA believe this probably but you might. Do you know I have never gone back. I'm not I've told you this before. I have never watched any of my seasons. The the the season over for nothing no part of it so thing when you told me about this nothing I watched it when it air down in a big group of people and you know when you're watching it in a big group Akiva Akiva and rob you really. Don't.

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