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The he's the dude at the bar and the number one question people get asked on. Poli after, presidential election is who would you most like to. Have a beer with Trump is that dude he's the guy who. Tells us exactly what he thinks that all times it. May not always be accurate but he. Tells us what he thinks to. This isn't going to come back to bite him in the rear end I mean the left is going to hate him for it of course they're gonna say collusion with the. Russians and everything. Else I guaranteed, the Clintons were doing the same darn thing you always want dirt, on? The opponent no matter who it comes from. We were talking. Earlier about. Cool. Things that you may own like some. Sort of paraphernalia or some, sort of collectible that you're. Not quite sure if. It's worth anything or not maybe it is maybe it. Isn't but it's something you hang onto Jason hammer autographed eight by. Ten right which you have. Hanging up from our data I'm working together From, tweets in Addis. Baseball cards rock my dad gave me, an old tops Roberto Clemente autographed card gave it back to him. Twenty years. Later that's bonding Jacob. Tweets then I have five Dorsey Sinatra Indianapolis test pressing records got them for free have yet to meet or. Talk to anyone. That, has one. Of those Michael sends us a Facebook message convention center coin. Nineteen Seventy-three celebrating the opening of the new convention. Center here that's really cool now true story the gentleman who mentioned. That, he had Roberto Clemente autograph card when I was like thirteen or fourteen. True story I saved up all year. Long and I got my data, nineteen fifty seven Roberto. Clemente tops baseball card. Because he needed to complete a. Set he still has it to? This. Day every time I pull it out we bond over together that's, an awesome story. My grandfather had Hoosier dome beer does, anybody remember Hoosier dome beer okay so before the colts officially came. To Indianapolis We were trying to lure NFL franchise in Indianapolis there was a. Preseason game at the Hoosier dome between. The bears and the Buffalo Bills, this has been like. Eighty four right when. We were trying to track the. Colts right and you know both? Teams. Are just trash I think at this point Bears are a. Little bit better than. The bills at this point but yeah and they had their own brand of beer inside the dome it. Was Hoosier dome beer or my grandfather somehow got like a six pack.

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