Senate, Donald Trump, White House discussed on NPR Politics Podcast


Already approved by the senate he's a member of the cabinet the question seems to be where's the white house and do they want to stand by him or they have they soften their support of him at all president trump has said that he supports them he thinks he's doing a good job the white house this week did kind of pull back a bit in their support for him they said that the accusations against him are serious and that he has to answer for these for these things that people are saying about him and and so i asked about that again we're evaluating these concerns and we expect that upa administrator to answer for them and we'll keep you posted i just a follow up on that when you say you expect the administrator pruitt to answer for these accusations where do you expect that to happen it like do you are you looking for this and hearings are us by house asking reverend conversations there you have it they're having ongoing conversations really familiar haven't we heard this before when there were conversations about rex tillerson or for other other members of this white house that are no longer with us david shokhin i saw the this this does seem like the white house will softening a bit now these hearings are probably important today and how he's handled himself and if he can kinda show himself to be sturdy and strong and kind of stand up to these criticisms that might kind of endear him to president trump he likes people that are fighters and he does like what prude is doing regarding rolling back regulations absolutely on it's not just people in washington there.

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