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All right everybody welcome back. We're talking with mary. Trump per new book the reckoning our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal is out now hardcover preorder august seventeenth is drops. So everybody jumped on wherever you get your books and get it and before the break we were talking about people being unprepared to handle opening backup or having the the fire hose. Shit show turn off and you know leave his. I remember when i was getting ready to flee from a an abusive relationship and right before that happened. The abuser went into the hospital for three weeks almost a month and over those weeks i was like. Hey it's really nice here right now. I can bring my cat in doors. I wasn't supposed to do that. I can use a gray towel instead of a white towel. I can go and see my friends and have lunch without having to draw a map and check in and so you start realizing that but at the same time it felt freeman who was also very terrifying and i that was inexplicable to me but i imagine some sort of the same things apply here. Yeah and it's all still unfolding against this backdrop of very disturbing political instability. You know we. We've been so betrayed and we're so tired and it's it's it's incredibly destabilizing and disheartening and the press saying and all those things to realize that it's not over we can't let our guard down and how. How do you negotiate all of those things at the same time. And i'm not sure you can because it's all it makes it even harder to draw the line. Okay what is what is what is a reaction to what's really going on the world and what is the the knock on effect of the isolation and the stress because of coveted and what is legitimate psychiatric psychiatric psychological problems. More physical problem know so. We're still in this really amorphous. What's the word. I'm looking for a society or whatever i mean. Our lives are still really amorphous. Sorry to be so eloquent but because nothing settled and you know that was one of when again When i was first writing the book proposal was in october so is before the election it was sort of a writer own adventure and i needed to make it clear to a prospective publisher that i had a good idea either way but the truth of the matter is a joe biden of loss at lost. Ibm tahiti or something. Yeah i remember you. And i have a discussion early on when this was still when we're still in the middle of it and how devastating it was to our psyches to have such an uncertain future. Because you just brought up uncertainty not to be able to make plans not to be able to seek look forward to anything. We had nothing little literally zero to look forward to and you know. I think that that kind of in combination really sort of just adds to the root the. It's like a snowball effect. You know but you know this book also talks about how you know that. Trust relationship whether you have it with another individual or whether you have it with the institutions that govern your country how we have to heal order to build that trust back that we have with these institutions that we've relied on for so long well. Yeah it's a terrible problem. Not to have faith and things jehovah had faith and one of the worst things about the last four five years. This is the ease with which that instability became. Wizard was injected into the sister. Which again though leads us should lead us to believe that it's been going on for a long time but a lot of us have the luxury of not having attention and that's another that's another aspect of this that you know i'm pretty sure most black americans have understood this forever. Yeah so i think it. It gives us an opportunity to recognize that. But it also gives us a chance to We we imagined. I don't think rebuilding is can't rebuild. Something that's if the foundation is essentially sand and swamp so because and why do we want to rebuild that anyway we want to rebuild this incredibly unjust society We want to rebuild something that doesn't work for a huge minority of us or do we want to start over and say listen The american experiment is great. But it's never been realized this is a this is never been a democracy so maybe we should start there. Yeah yeah. I agree a political ease of doing that. Aside and You know considering everyone who's gonna make it as difficult as possible to do that. Because the you know the white man white supremacists they want that status quo. They're they're terrified of the quote unquote great replacement. It was the number one motivator for for the insurrection and for charlottesville and for all the You know militant extremists white. Supremacist groups out there. And so it's it's going to be. It's going to be a tough road and in this new book. Do you start to address how we can do that. Yeah but i'm gonna keep that a surprise. No yeah let's not. Let's not give that away just so that you know that's in the book everyone that you need to get wanted to everyone. No it's vague and What i'd say is we've got to stop fully pundits Yes i concur. Well thank you so much for spending time with me today and talking about this. And i want to to go and get your copy of the reckoning. Our nation's trauma and finding to heal. Mary trump's her second book. Here the first one too much and never enough. You're very familiar with i. We just wrapped up the public playing of our book series which we we actually wrapped last october. Which was right. Around the time you were deciding to penn this new book and so i'm so glad you did and you're right dude fast track. Well done because. I started my book and march of last year and i don't even have a proposal already on. That's that's really that's more what it's usually like think from reading the proposal to publication. I mean sorry. The final draft. My first book took almost two years. And i do not recommend it to anybody. I'm still recovering. Yeah i was gonna ask. I know not to ask how you are. But i kind of like genuinely want to know if if you're if you're recovering from from your from your adventure of completing a book in the fastest time possible. Yes yes i am but you know it said save worthlessness. Am i recovered and my recovering. Govett and my workup. For the fact that like an idiot. I decided to move like finish the book. I landed in a pretty cool place that so i'm not complaining. Yes yes you did. And why don't you just add on top of. Hey this isn't enough. Let's move as well. I hope sebastien. And the whole brood is settling in. And i'm glad to see that this book is out and ready to go and i'm looking forward to reading it. I haven't read it yet. So i'm but i will and i'm sure i will devour devour your first book so i appreciate your time. Mary trump thank you so much thanks. Jj great to be here everybody. Stick around we'll be right back with the good news..

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