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Again winning the award for twenty nineteen Rogers says Texas is now the only state to ever take the top honors in four different years and now the kale BJ radar weather watch in the wake of last night's thunderstorms it still will be breezy this morning otherwise a sunny day ahead today highs in the upper fifties clear to partly cloudy cold tonight below freezing for most low thirty wind from the weather center I'm meteorologist bill decker forty seven of state capital I'm Robert would get news on demanded news radio okay I'll be J. dot com Hey Austin cold season is here that's why right now at Walgreens you can get select music's products for only fourteen ninety nine each with card get in and out in minutes so you feel better faster Walgreens trusted since nineteen no one uses directed restrictions may apply see store for details balance or through January eleventh and John she's here mortgage banker and host of the Johnny morning show there's two things you need to know about mortgages number one online lenders have competitive rates number two minor lower in fact I just said one client six thousand dollars in closing costs as compared to an online lenders quote go to Texas loan experts dot com to complete my exclusive five minute loan app that's Texas loan experts dot com or call me now at five one two three nine nine one thousand and join me for the John and Lauren show Fridays at six PM here on newsradio kale BJ expert analysts one three two six two four one the experienced professionals at Maxwell l'action Ritter and M. L. in our wealth management are here to offer a comprehensive approach your business and personal finances Maxwell lock in return central Texas largest locally owned CPA firm and offers audit tax and business consulting services their affiliate M. L. in our wealth management offers investment and management services together they serve as trusted advisors for more information call five one two three seven oh thirty two hundred as we start the new year all of us at diamonds direct just want to say thank you two thousand nineteen exceeded all of our expectations as so many people here became not just our customers but our family we thank you for your support your confidence your trust and as we enter twenty twenty we reaffirm our commitment to you to provide.

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