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And the world's toughest mudder thirteen ironman triathlons. Brutal bow hunts adventure races. Spearfishing plant foraging, free, diving bodybuilding and beyond. I combine this intense time in the trenches with a blend of ancestral, wisdom and modern science searched the globe for the world's top experts performance, fat loss recovery, gut hormones, brain, beauty and Braun to deliver. You this podcast everything you need to know to live in adventurous, joyful and fulfilling life. My name is Ben greenfield enjoy the ride. So anyways, the show notes for everything that you're about to hear I'm gonna put those Ben greenfield, fitness dot com slash wellness wheel. That's been greenfield fitness dot com slash wellness wheel. And also, you can go listen to the previous podcasts that I did with Dr Darshan Shaw of the next health clinic who just a wealth of knowledge that Ben greenfield finished dot com slash next health podcast. So a lot of things to remember. But it's been greenfield. Vince dot com slash wellness. Wheel is the show for this podcast, then greenfield finished dot com slash next health clinic is where you can get five hundred bucks off the edges and then Ben greenfield fitness dot com slash next help podcast where he can go. Listen to my previous podcast with Dr Shaw. A love of these folks are doing today show, by the way is brought to you by the brand new berry amino 's essential amino acids, or something I've talked about LA before for maintaining muscle mass for maintaining Anna ball is even if. During a facet state for helping with sleep into our transmitters for repairing the gut for a pairing joints. And we just lost a brand new addictive. Good flavor over at get kion dot com. You can take one scoop you can take two scoops..

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