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The weekend on 97.1 wash at them. Beauty queen of only 18. She had some trouble with her soul. He was always that suit. Help her. She always belonged to someone. Oh, Hydra from mouth to mouth. Sam wound up at your door. Bad you saw Matt Damn, but somehow oh, never Master. Up my window. Not gonna mind door. I want to make you feel beautiful. No, I'm going to get so insecure another matter anymore. It's not always rain bothers my friends come to my home. Yeah, My heart's full of Mother's always been coming to you. Smile. She wa she wait, wait. No. You know, make you who you are that your life is not called back in business Catch she Tapped on my window. Now go my door. I want to make you feel beautiful. Standing funny girl. She'll shoot me. See 97.1 wash at them. No one's gonna Baggio Sam. No, thank you. Thank you. Son. If you're like us a little freshening up cell's perfect right about now. So after connecting with you on a phone call here and assume call their boom flash at them, announces are updated playlists. They see your input. You'll be hearing more of your favorites, and we'll be mixing in a bunch of really cool songs. You haven't heard No one..

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