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Have potholes. Just like that. Kevin Brennan is here with a Subaru. Retailers of New England all will dry traffic on the threes. Good morning. Thank good morning there. Lori. Yeah, This is the type of weather where those potholes open up. You know, it freezes inside a little crack. And then that just opens up. We had a situation inside the Sumner Tunnel. Earlier, Blah Ridge Pot hole opened up calls a couple disabled vehicles flat tires anyway. It's like that scene has all been cleared away. But that could be the case in a lot of various so again. Even with the weather and the road conditions, you're gonna want to keep those speeds down. Allow lots of extra time. We do have said plowing cruise up and down the highways right now. And if you're out to the west here in Milford, seeing some pretty big delays on 4 95 South bound behind what appears to be plowing crews soon after Route 109 in that Milford stretch now over and Fox Burrow 95 south bound, gotta spin out off to the left here after Route 1 40 state of the right to get around that emerges Vehicles may have that left lane blocked. You're looking pretty good in the rest of the roadways, but again, sloppy conditions. A lot of very especially those second every roadways. No reported problems here on the expressway in either direction rested, downtown Boston seems to be moving quite nicely. This report is sponsored by churches. This season's hottest collection is dropping just in time for lunch featuring church's new All white meat. Texas tenders accessorized with butterfly shrimp. Flavor. This Biggs always on point snag you. Texas tenders and shrimp meal today for just five bucks churches bringing that down home flavor. Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. It is snowing in Boston again. This is another round. We heard from Dean all day yesterday, saying, This is a duration storm. Now the big stuff is gone..

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