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Dan dan patrick show fox sports radio. Kind of a good all right. We're getting close towing the water football season sort of weekend. We had over the last four days of every team nash. Football league put on helmets. Put on shoulder pads. Haven't seen every player right to get too though and so while we saw some of the ones. We didn't see all the ones we did. See that rookie. Quarterbacks and that's where we'll begin rob web warn sharp who will join us Part of sharp football. We'll get his thoughts on these rookie quarterback's but like look this is a a yearly thing. We get super super hype over watching these guys. Play against very limited in terms of schematics. Defenses was there a guy. And there's plenty of young quarterbacks from you know from a mac jones to a trevor lawrence and to a trae lance to adjust in fields. Was there one that jumped out at you. Lamaze let's start here real quick. We're talking about a young quarterback jordan love who got hurt nothing serious but right. He's going to miss some work probably this week. Doug.

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