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Believe we don't normally do this on this program. We don't normally have a freewheeling Marx brothers approach to the program. But today, I said, if we can do this, malachi O'Brien, my friend, you and I ran yesterday, you did your 151st consecutive marathon tomorrow in New York. You're going to attempt to run your 152nd consecutive marathon. Could you do it before the program so that you could be on the program and talk about it and you did it. I heard you leave my house this morning because Georgie barked at like 6 30 a.m. or something like that. Georgie Barker was like, Georgie shut up. It's malachi. He's going on a run. You just finished. You know, you made a decision, there's a lot to talk about, but you made a decision, you know, when you broke the record of a 104 at what point do you say enough? Like, how does that work? You know, I actually, I didn't know how to say how to stop. I mean, literally, I feel like I'd go forever. And so it was really through counsel of Friends. Because I want to keep going, but I can tell my body's breaking down. I want to see how far I can push the limits. You want to see how far you can break your body down. See, this is where as one of your friends, I want to say to you, no, stop that. You've got to be careful because you could actually do permanent damage. And you want to be, you know, you want to be a good steward of your body. But at some point, you said, what? How far did you decide you thought it reasonable to go? I've actually a couple of weeks ago, and it was really kind of the start of the asbury revival and there are some thoughts around that because the lord really did a work in my heart during that time. I decided I was also running for revival. And just some things in my spirit shifted and then just conversation you and I had a conversation other people had I said, you know, it's trying to put a bow on this. And I told you, I'm going to do one 51 and you said no. I mean, you're the reason why I'm doing two more. Because you said no. Well, because I thought if you're doing a 151, if you're just going to pick, why would you pick that number? What's that number? There was a lady in Australia. Did this did a 150 marathons back to back, tip to toe? I believe it will be Guinness qualified if everything gets turned in for her. And so I knew I was just a few weeks behind her. So one O four might be the record, but you thought in order to make sure that I get the record, I would need to do a 151. Correct. So you at that point said, okay, I'll go that far. And that's when I said, wait a second. If you're going to do that many, why not do one 53? Because one 53 is a magical number from the gospels when Jesus says to them, you know, throw your net on that side of the boat and they caught so many fish it was like just an insane miracle, but they counted the fish. I think I've written about this in two of my books. They counted the vision ends up being a 150 three. And the specificity of that number is not like it was a lot of fish. It's a number that obviously told the people of that day like you want to know how many fish they caught. I mean, if you're a fisherman in the sea Galilee and somebody says we caught a 155th, they'd be like, what? Because it was not just some random number we caught a lot of fish. But also, it just has this magical significance as a number to me because it's so random. Well, it also they've debated that it might have actually been the number of nations that were in the world at that time too. Well, that's what I mean. There's a lot of speculation on what does one 53 mean. And I thought if I were you, which I ain't, and my thighs can attest to that today, having run 22 miles yesterday. But I just thought how cool it would be to do one 53. So your goal, of course, is to fly home tonight. And tomorrow, to run this final marathon in the bosom of your family. Yeah, and actually the good news is the weather's going to be nice tomorrow because a lot of these marathons have been, I've done them at 1 a.m. 2 a.m.. One of those days I did it when it was -20° below. -20. You don't need to say -20 below. It's implied by the minus. Yes. But wait a minute. So when you told me this, I got really upset. You were in Colorado? Yeah, Woodland park Colorado. So you're like up in the mountains. Yeah. Way high altitude, not enough oxygen. 8500 feet of elevation. So already insane, like I can't function at that elevation because there's not enough oxygen. You decide you're there with your family, you decide, oh, okay, I'm going to do marathon up here. And if that's not bad enough, you're telling me it was 20 below. Yeah, the decision was already made in my mind. There was no other option. Like, I literally had no other option every day I'm going to run a marathon, so it was toying below. I decided to figure out how to not die. And so I had so much clothes on. I had a mask on. I couldn't even wear my glasses because the mask I was wearing, but my eyes were freezing shut, literally. I got to have to wipe my eyes every 60 seconds because they were literally freezing shut. It was that cold on that day. I think the Spanish word is loco. Honestly, I just can't believe that. Are you going to write a book about this? 100%, 100%. I mean, I just, I can't believe this. Now, you're running for a number of causes. I want to talk about that. Because I do think now, do you have a website where people can go and find everything's been on my social media, which I'm the only at malachi O'Brien on the planet. That's the beauty of having the name malachi. There's not a lot of them. It's either the Bible or children of the corn, depending on where people's background is. Okay, so malachi O'Brien is you're on you're on Twitter and on Instagram. Twitter, Instagram, they have a public Facebook page. You have a public okay. So Malacca, people can reach you, whatever. But you have been doing this to raise money for anything. And that gives me a segue here on this program this month. I got to say this before we go to the break, we are raising money for food for the poor. They feed the hungriest, poorest people in Central America, and what we're asking everyone who listens to this program to do is to give to food for the poor to give anything to give something. $72, think of this. We'll feed two kids in Honduras a nutritious meal twice a day for one year. This is unbelievable. How far American money goes when you give it to food for the poor, a 144 kids would bless four kids for an entire year plus drinking water, we need you to do this, metaxas talk dot com, metaxas, talk dot.

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