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80. Tyler Rogers has gone out to the mound. I'm taking his warmups Herewith. Bourbon. Do up To start the inning. But the Mariners set out Oh, say. Marmolejo. As a pinch hitter. And at that point Gabe Kapler out of the Giants dugout, and he has Signal to the bullpen for The left hander Sam Selman. So it is Salman comes in Downey's Marmolejo. Left handed hitter and then The leadoff man after him and that is J. P. Crawford, another left, So we get a couple of lefties anyway. When it's time for a change. Think speedy oil change and auto service Your trusted oil changed tune up. And break experts. On our open for the broadcast today way we're just kind of Remembering back to Pre pandemic. With big crowds here at Oracle Park and Karin Chan are great producer and engineer. Went back and Knowing there would not be crowd this year he had Put together a lot of sound effects from this ballpark when the fans were here in the past, and he found a Brandon bound home run from last year, and he paired it with day Fleming's call of belts home run. Last night. For tour ends taking a while to get news from the pitch he wanted Now he's got it is 11 is blasted toward right center field. He ended the gap. Well hit Luis chasing it is gone. Up into the marinersbullpen a two run homer for Brandon Belt. There goes the over was kind of.

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