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Like once you gain a certain level of notoriety as a screenwriter or as an actor and you may be have friends that you've worked with in the past but haven't really gotten a chance to prove themselves is is it important like for you to include those people may be a non a project the next time you do it or are you looking for new collaborators to work with i don't know i mean for me for me it's about a comfort thing so immediately following the unicorn the other two riders kirk johnson will elliott night started we wrote two more films just 'cause like we were in this groove already so i mean i don't feel i mean i think it's great to come up with your friends and bring your friends with you but i i never felt like oh i need i knew i need new frames yeah you know what i mean like i think that just happens naturally like other projects happened in other people like collaborate with you but i don't know there's something like comfortable about just having your friends and i think if you're lucky enough to find people that you work well with it's good to stick with it's so hard to find people that you enjoy working with any can create a good product with so don't get over them truly truly i want to talk about what makes good filmmaker so i feel like as an actor i've learned a lot about watching from watching directors work and i've been very lucky i've gotten to work with some really establish directors and also some people who are just coming up take rubber and i feel like robert had a really great i mean no you i'm sorry you're in a merging director in i think that you handle this movie really well i think you didn't make the mistake that i see a lot of people make when they're first starting out which is that they feel like they have to control everything but what i have noticed from watching the directors that i really respect that i think the job of the director is to find good collaborators collaborators empower them trust your judgment trust.

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