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For the second half for a touchdown and then han ville made the score thirty two twenty seven in on the ensuing kickoff air it took it seventy ardian take all the night for touchdown but set him ablaze short feel to make it thirty nine 2007 we'll uri winning coach of the night yeah there was quick lakeshore defeats east jeff for syms go out to tommy vosper recap and winning coach yeah i got art coach gregg joan pierre provides here occurred beggared at you you're bate of work and you're appropriate to get a lot of attention around the crowd it if he ordered how quickly career how do you hear your program for for ethnic away your added you know we're an older team no it is a good team i think one advantage we had this week was backed that they didn't get a plague aimed last week it you know maybe they had a little bit of ross where we rebel knock that rust off but we're happy with uh with where we are and we got a tough opponent coming up next week's buddhist have focused coach congratulations is alan why del i want you to come in a guy that did a lot of reporting for us for the years coach gregg mastel elena that you're school israeli rallied around him i talk about that and we're we're that's at at this moment no same thing coach pat going through his recovery in in our community in in our warner art students at that up a novel john browett around annan in raising money to help him with his medical after eight had such a huge impact on our community anarchy them in a little bit of time that it than with a it's only right that we step up when he the me coach aid such it's great thing you're doing there we wish him the bastion of on the football field it's a great thing you're doing as well a great start for the season for you and i think we're going to talk to you again throughout the year congrats and and again good luck next week it throughout the season i thank you very much kukreja.

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