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O and why we think Tina when you don't think this is probably. I don't think he's the based on the wall. He's done a good job in the finals of the Champions League. He's money's demented. Some possessions in the premise league, if you look at the money they've spent and you look at the wage Bill hav. Khaw of the other big boys, and the Tope sakes on, you know, Stevie said, there's a reason that is mentioned the Real Madrid money United to prove and he will need to get some teams over the lane as we as we go ahead, whether it's ram barracks. But I don't I don't see site departure Tino at the moment. Stevie you take ninety eight point five percents. I know the answer to this. Well, most normal. An extra point five of doubt. So Alex won't livable. Don't win the Lee would winning the champions. No make up for it. No. Absolutely. No, not not not even close. No, no. Even not even close. I I should have gone. A hundred percent. They'll be pain. Yeah. To be fit. I'm surprised you'd never went ninety nine point three five seven. Well, the slide that was I think you would like to win the gems late wouldn't it? Because he has to find a door unless you would want to win the Champions League club. If there was a choice, right? It doesn't make up until nineteen ninety eight point five percent of Liverpool. Funds would say the prime you legal dumpings just an In. in. So long for Liverpool. I fight so much success. That also Uber beating one of the. Most talented score diverse ambled in English. Yep. That's another thing. Yeah. Rope. Oh, you it's one I from Hamad can repeat yesterday. Same high intensity game against Wolford Vicarage Road Monday at grab those three points. Well, the evidence of recent away would say note, I didn't play very well against Everton haven't played very well in too many away games recently. I think there's something to do with the sets up. I'm sure the I am re gives them the same instructions when I go out on her white guy don't play with that same confidence. He said today that dry food the bull enough when they're the white from whereas do that at home. In other words, now they're gonna play with the same incense gonna close the bull down quite quickly. And I think they'll get a result. But it won't be the same sort of performance at Vicarage Road on. You know, you flagging though fail because the reason they're -nificant fan. The bag in the strong got good players on the very real organized on the next season and the fossil another one of those dodgy away performs, and then the vote is going to be appropriate. Fulham state is a long question. Maybe they'll be assured onto rates your Malays consider renegotiating the tournament structure of the CO KF Champions League. It seems like there's really no chance MLS to win. If the Mexican teams decide co full-strength against this within the current setup at the league won't adjustments could be made to level the I would I would suggest that the.

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