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Nine. Nine seven. Tab. Let me so. For me. To me. God. That's great. Career. I love bluegrass. I absolutely love it. How do you get your foot tapping with that? Speaking of Veterans Day. There's one podcast that I want to recommend aside from the Moreno in the morning podcast, which is terrific. And that is Jaakko Willink. Who was a navy seal lead seal team three. And I mean, he's very decorated fought in Ramadi and everything. So he does this podcast, which I don't generally listen to you. And I. He had a guest on who I have admired for many many years. And that's Jim Webb. So my friends. You miata calls me who is a fan of Jaakko willing Jimmy out of the Staten Island borough president calls me and says, hey, I know, you're Jim Webb. You gotta listen to this podcast. So I just finished listening to it yesterday. I have to tell you. I am. So glad that I listened to it. So Jaakko does this interview with Jim Webb who was in marine decorated marine, then became secretary of the navy and became a Senator. He's was also a lawyer. He was also a journalist has also been a novelist. Also, a filmmaker the guy I donated to his presidential campaign. I've only I think donated I may have given to Nater actually when it years ago when Nader, but I've only donated in my life. I think with with the possible exception of nature to two presidential campaigns in my life. Jim Webb and Donald Trump. And I wish Donald Trump would find a place in his cabinet for Jim Webb. Because if you listen to for I've been I've always admired Webb's record as a secretary of the navy as a leader in in combat. And then the way he tells a story is just extraordinary and that is on full display in this podcast. So yesterday was the birthday of the Marine Corps and Jaakko does this interview with Jim Webb and his son both marines? Jim Webb for in Vietnam. His son also named Jim fought in Iraq. And these guys I mean, you you think you think you've got problems things listening to the conversation of Jaakko, Jim Webb and his son. These guys are warriors. Four years. And. These guys are as tough as nails. And if you really want to know, if you've never as I have not put on the uniform of our country, and you wanna know what it's like, I think listening to this podcast gives you a pretty good idea. So it's Jaakko will links podcast with Jim Webb and his son. I've linked to it on my Facebook page at Facebook dot com slash Moreno fan. If you want to check it out there or you can find it on Twitter..

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