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To see you. It's good to see you too. Are you ready for a hockey? Oh, you know I am. She has the sweater over there. Hey, my grandmother was a huge hockey fan who was, I think she loved the islanders, yeah. Man, she just cheered, she loved when they beat each other up. She did. She was tough. That's a fun part about hockey. You get to see it tonight. Capital's open up a new season at home against the Boston Bruins tonight, Darcy Kemper, the main addition, this off season, the goaltender fresh off winning a Stanley Cup will be the new goaltender for the capitals this year as they look to take the next step on our head coach Peter laviolette check out our capital's preview up at WTO P dot com as the caps open up tonight against the Boston Bruins NFL commander's traveling to Chicago does not look like William Jackson will make the trip. He was removed from last week's game with the back injury that has been hurting for quite some time, but reports are he's not going to make the trip. He was limited this week in practice. I don't know how much he would have played if he did go anyway, but he's not going to make the trip we'll get the final injury report as well as the commanders look to snap a four game losing streak. They will be in Chicago tomorrow night. The Raiders wide out devonta Adams has officially been charged with a misdemeanor assault after shoving the cameraman down after the loss to the chiefs the other night came up right in front of him as he was leaving the field and shoved him down and he has officially been charged baseball today Phillies and the braves, Phillies up one O lot to talk about the weather in Atlanta, see if this game gets played, it's supposed to have a discussion about 4 o'clock Dodgers, Padres, will play game two after that. Dodgers took game one George Wallace to be TLB sport. Thank you, George. Top stories were following for you right now on WTO P, kids as young as 5 could be getting the latest COVID booster soon. The FDA has approved the new vaccine for children between 5 and 11, the new shot targets the

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