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Ask Mitch Albom show now here's match seven six I don't know about you but I'm always fascinated about stories of the oldest living people in the country or in the world or whatever when I read them or hear about them I always want to look into well how did they right and what was it that was there so is there some universality to this longevity so I read with great interest the news that Robert Weighton W. E. I. G. H. T. O. N. passed away yesterday at the age of a hundred and twelve wow there is a photo of him two years ago so it was a hundred and ten honestly he looks like he's about sixty eight yeah he's got he's got all his hair it's it's not even all white it's you know sort of silver this is two years ago so I don't know if it's is pictured here in two thousand eight so immediately I was looking at that and then I went through his life and in in his case he was born in nineteen oh eight nineteen oh eight so what when was Kitty Hawk wasn't right around then not the write brothers wasn't like that nineteen nineties no none of that would be all for one they were flying before that I was in the is what I don't know six or three year whatever Antena three was it three so so an airplane has been infected five years earlier World War one had not even started yet we still could get a P. that's on the flight but it like I love little thinking about well what was it when you look at nothing he remembers when he was born but what was the world like when he was born in nineteen oh eight is amazing yeah and yet when I read through his life it wasn't he didn't like living in Asha ram or even berry user something that he was it was it was a fairly normal is is British and it so he he was one of seven children in the English city of whole he left school at sixteen became a marine engineering apprenticeship it was over there he moved to Taiwan I spent a couple years learning Mandarin in teaching a missionary school in the thirties he married a fellow teacher and then they came back to England which coincided with the outbreak of World War two two years ago I had to live through two world wars and and they were sent to Canada and then they moved to Connecticut here in the U. S. he worked in a factory making planes to support the British war effort they stayed here until nineteen forty five warranted they went back to England he went on to teach at a university his wife died in nineteen ninety five and he has ten grandchildren twenty five great grandchildren but there is nothing about like yes and all I ate was looking up this story don't always have Mr rodrico liquor everyday yeah expresses motor yeah there's a the key is having a cigarette they're having lots of talk glass of whiskey milk every day the clear does have a CNE died peacefully in his sleep which you love to hear them you know why not and and and clear he must've had some had a hair because of you should see all there is got any error in it when he's a hundred and ten I mean this is some point ball this just gives up okay we're not getting this guy with the talkers Oregon you can't tell exhibiting down most of the pictures but he was hailed every city viewed everyone else's brother or sister believes in loving and accepting and caring for one another had many many friendships read and talk politics theology ecology and more right up until his death so he was talking you know right right he stayed in his own home Michael died in his own home declined a birthday card from the queen because he said he didn't want the taxpayers to have to pay for that is admirable yeah and they asked him his secret well it is the here are a couple of quotes to the BBC one I think laughter is extremely important I can't deny that to most of the trouble in the world is caused by people taking themselves too seriously not right now and three the secret to his longevity was to avoid dying which exceeded its do not rent a bus what you see avoiding died was because of the will because a lot of little you could do the job yeah you too don't you want to like sort of study it may because I just finished the human touch where blood was so important terms how fights all this what did you want to study the guy's blood or brain it's a look what is it I went to a hundred and twelve lived on his own was lucid he did he actually had cancer at the end but by that aids cancer move so strongly that you know they probably didn't determine if it was worth it but but I want to hear like something about the diet or all eight was grass for the last thirty years of my life you know or park of industry there is a there is a great Mel Brooks routine that he does with Carl Reiner the two thousand year old that's great where he interviews him and he says you know what what's your what's the key to your longevity you know and and he talks like an old Yiddish you know Jewish guys as veiled to live our Reiner says all all yes of course the will to live will this is not dovetail to live villians to live Dr William to live CDS it can't be alive all these years and so then they say to him what what did you eat you know what did you eat that allow you to stay alive he sold my diet is very very very very very very very very restricted very restricted they say well you can you eat you know me no no you can't eat meat meat stable for you can you eat chicken no no chicken give yet I had to concede I a dying to give me a gaudy Eisele spring outing ahead what what about this what about that you know about vegetable vegetables give you gas at my age I'm a blues and I'm going to die you know so it's just what's left to eat he says cool mountain spring water cool mountain spring water ten degrees below room temperature ECOWAS's that's it that's it that's it just a little water that's just a little that and a stuffed cabbage cabins that's terrible but I'm not going to just live a little water I can't help myself and and that's what I always envisioned you know like if you grill these guys down you know well yes I only ate this and then do that either but but yes I also had one pint of ice cream every night of my European gene pool so anyhow he's passed in his sleep at that that's the the fitting way to go why why suffer in any way at a hundred and twelve years old and now someone else gets the title because he took it like there was a Japanese guy want to not be his name was it was a hundred and twelve but like a few days beyond but he died in February so then this guy Bob Weighton became the oldest man now someone else is out there I don't know you know there's a list I think once you get past like a hundred and sixty bushel is what you're going to you know have a red yeah yeah that guy got to step up this is the like the eastern cultures live longer the channel that's why I thought like a brick and you know you kidding me yeah Rep food in the house the tale of the tail has come up with yeah but the yeah potatoes bad teeth all right I got a feeling it's going to be nothing that could connect these and it's just going to be you never go get a connection how you live alone do you know what the the oldest verified person how old the old is verified person lives I will say like one twenty three hundred eighteen hundred and twenty two twenty two yeah Jeanne cal meant France live from eighteen seventy five to nineteen ninety seven the L. ord Texan who you know you you laugh about that stuff about slander whatever but you know I remember I talked to Joe live my great grandma she was born in eighteen eighty two she would not fly and she didn't believe it because I was thinking about she was thirty to somebody down instead of flying you know what she was the one that will it was Michael it was a foreign thing and Simona virus yeah he would not give it to you they're going to come down as metal flying all right well like I said this guy was one you know five year right after they invented the air right of his first words were probably I'm not I'm not on this one get a ship while many out there's a piece in the back with the candies are lower than a year coming up right after this WJR traffic first sponsored by marathon no matter where your travels take you 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