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Other players like how many this is like we should have a good trivia. Might my wide receiver. Michael i can name to to get you to five. I'll start off with chris conley k. Micoud got we're just listing. Texans texas wide receivers that are not brandon cook Kiki all right. that's good. Oh that's a good one yet. Chris conley. I had chris conley Let's see i'm trying to think of the most obscure that they have. That would be alex. Ericsson kenny stills. I think is still there. He did he get cut. Yeah he was on the bills practice squad at the end of last year. I know that he came back. You anymore mike. Isaiah coulter as coulter chris. More absolute like. I mean it's like partly crew is a motley crue. I did think chris. Kenny stills came back. I thought they signed him is he currently unsigned that he was ready to go. And i want from high would not have gotten isaiah coulter. So that's that's well done. My clay anthony miller by the way trade anthony miller. It's a very good one too. But the point is made i think here is that it's not. It's not a bunch of superstars. They're spread out on a massive limb to say that brand cooks as the most talented pass catcher. That the texans have and they're going to have to throw to someone and that honestly we don't that defense is going to be very good. Texans are going to be very good so there's a chance you know. Whoever the quarterback is for houston that that person is going to be throwing a lot. When you're throwing a lot you're looking for the most most talented guy in the field. That's brandin cooks. Yeah probably earn. Enough is what i would say Either muggy throwing enough yeah. I mean like his. What's his current eighty. He went ninety six women tenth round. Like i'm at wide receiver. Twenty-seven i don't know i mean like good player very fast. Turn something in enough in our nothing into something like no one ever likes brand cooks and yet to your point. Every year brennan cooks out performances. Adp also for me. There's just something knowing that. I could get brandin cooks so late given the wide receiver one on a bad team. Because i feel like. I'd rather have that than like a wide receiver three on on a a different. Because if they're gonna throw so much if they're going to be down you know he's he's gonna targets he's going to be on the field. There's going to be that opportunity sometime this year. That's my pointless junk time for that team and jokes aside like you know. He's the number one to stand point about a number one wide receiver and a bad team. Like you know he's the number one like i don't know who the number one is on detroit like like i'm not trying to tell you about bad teams like who's the number. One of the jets is a corey davis. Could it be jamison crowder. Who's back there. Trauma from moore's is lighting up camp. Join us. We don't know yet who the number one alpha dog is in the jets offense or the lions. But it's going to be brandin cooks in the tank. 'cause my point let's wrap it up here with devante smith quickly a little bit of an update to so devante smith as we found out yesterday. right it was amazing like shefty broke the news on our air. My she came into the studio. Just tell us it was ran and it was just part of that. Amazing lost episode. I wish you guys going to see in that. Part of the he was on fire and it was one thing that was really humble of devante to call into the show. I'm good guys. He's information is accurate. I'm all good like don't worry about me. i'll be back. I never that was great to what shefty reported. That devante confirmed in this episode. That again. I don't know where it is somewhere out. There loss is that he's got a sprained mc l. He's going to likely miss two three weeks this year last year. We had a lot of rookie wide receivers. We're excited about this year. We feel the same way it feels to me like consensus to be. The case is the one that's generated the most redraft hype. Yes devante smith in this. Mock eighty six eighty seven eighty eight th so end of the ninth round close to whereas adp ninetieth overall on espn. Is there a not adjusting jefferson because jefferson literally was historic last year. But is there a wide receiver. That you're saying yourself you know what. I don't care where he was drafted. I'm care about the bush. And he's in quarterback. He's playing with intrigues me. Most and the skill set from a rookie standpoint a rookie wide receiver. Is that your march as jaylen. Waddell is at demonte smith. You you're gonna think i'm a lodge more is really interesting. I think were shot. Bateman is really interesting In in baltimore. Especially 'cause markey's brown dealing with the hamster yesterday so and rashad bateman obviously you're hearing raves from camp terrace marshall in carolina uh drawing raves as well. He's really interesting. We're going to be the number one wide receiver bateman. I mean i still think mark andrews probably gonna pass catcher in terms of fantasy value. Because i think he's got more red zone. Look but i mean. We're all the three of us in my clay along with like you know to find you and kyle and everyone. We're all in a dynasty league together and i had a choice between terrorists marshall and rashad bateman in the second round and i went with rod bateman which. I'm not sure like but i struggle with that. I went back. And i really liked. But i like i just like bateman talent. Yoko bit at marshall's talented. But those guys and you guys are going to call me at home or two. But i'm i'm really interested to see what happens with diana brown the second half of the year in washington very fast. That much is for sure. Mike how do you like amari. Rogers quite a bit like my rogers a whole lot. Although that that flame has been not quite doused. But it's sort of a flicker right now given the fact that they traded for randall Mike let me ask you quickly as we have about a minute left in the show rookie wide receiver. That you think you are interested in or are you going to go with the strategy of if i play eight different leagues i might have one bit of exposure to march as here one of the day here. One of jalen waddell. There's that makes sense. Which way leading. It totally depends. Who's available right. I mean she chases going as high as the fifth round i mean to monte smith he can get in the eighth round of twelve team league so look i think last year we talked about which rookie wide receiver has the clearest path to a huge target share. The answer was obvious it was it was just in jefferson this year. It's dismissed so i agree with you. He's not going to produce at that level but he has the chance to push for a twenty five percent target share at some point this season and history says receivers picked in the top. 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