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Now ron cop. Beautifully did but jodi fortson Makes his team and he made the decision really difficult on the chiefs. And i think that's part of the reason john why you don't have darwin thompson. left anymore. It's because of what jodi fortson was able to prove both practice and scrimmages and then ultimately the games. Yeah now. here's i have a question though. If this is a survivor game they're going to be a redemption island. We need to know this shot. You come on the. You're showing that you don't didn't watch. Wwf back in the day. The survivors year is about is on cbs. Yes outplay outlast. Now look this group would win either. Competition can live or on. Cbs or wwf series but the survivor series in wwf. That was referring to is a battle four on four if you get pins you're out it's kind of like survivor on cbs. Okay there's an elimination part of it. kelsey would be the survivor in both of these. It doesn't matter. The rest of the team is just way way better this year. Not so much. More upside in belfort's and a grey then. Kaiser absolutely had never even was a part of this team stimuli. Well he he felt like last year just as a guy that they would have in their back pocket in case kelsey was hurt. That if kelsey was hurt they would Activate seals jones to the active roster and and make him active on game days. He did he did. I think ultimately go onto the practice squad once or twice over the course of the season. And i think that was in the postseason. Actually now that i think about it but I think that was just a guy that they had in their back pocket as somebody who could replace some of chelsea's production In a pinch. But i think what we saw in the preseason game the other night where we actually had one four personnel. That is one running back and four tight ends on the field. Once and the play resulted in a touchdown. I think that we're going to seen entirely different kind of approach with these particular four players on the field because all of them can make plays. I mean you know. You had travis kelsey Noah gray and jodi on the field and it was blake. Bell who caught a touchdown pass so because yeah so i think this is going to be real interesting to see what the chiefs do and i think that play on. Friday night was an example of the kind of things. They're thinking about right now. This was an article. I wrote after that game on friday night the idea of fourteen personnel which is running one running back and four tight ends on the same time. Eleven plays in the entire. Nfl last year during the regular season so this is not a personnel. That is used a lot. And when andy reid see something that is not right lot guest. That's the toy that he wants to bring to the table and finally gets to do it and mahomes noted in his post game press conference and it was beaming. I mean this guy. He's mr cool but he's a nerd. When it comes to like the xs knows of football you could tell that. He's digging this fourteen personnel that the chiefs can now do and the great part about it. And i think especially with chelsea gray and ironically bell to a lesser extent. These guys can catch the football. Like receivers and i think that is what makes this so exciting. Like imagine having the speed of tyree killing mccoll hardman on your team and you know you. Guys stay on the sideline we. Don't we're all right right now. we're gonna go. You don't need players. You don't need that speed when you're down on the ten yard while you wanna pass them all and the big dudes who can catch right so right this is. This is the andy reid. Bread and butter see personnel and for the first two games in two times they show the look. They pass for a touchdown. Now you get to the third game. The team sees the same look. They're ready for it. And then all of a sudden. it's a bruising. Run where they handed up the clyde. And there's a gaping hole for many old clyde to just skate through and that we're the beauty i think of having the four tight ends after all the analysts call one even one two or one three personnel as heavy formation. So what's a one. Four person zuma. We're talking a really heavy. Yes speaking of sumo's let's move onto the offensive line. John the chiefs end up keeping ten of these big fellas we know about orlando brown junior joe creed humphrey smith look and yang. The three rookies along the offensive line. Then we go to. What will be the reserves. We have austin life. Andrew wylie. Mike remers nikola gritty in l. d. t. as i wrote in the review right now a p were still waiting on injury updates. A little bit clear picture as to win. Blyth and lt be back in the mix. I know that there have been trade rumors circulating around l. d. t. does have the note trade clause so anything that happens in that regard. He would have to approve. But you have a backup center. In austin blythe oss nikola grady also plays a little bit of center. You have swing tackles and andrew. Wylie and mike remers ideally ideal but ideally widely would be that left tackle for you remers on the other side but both can play both. And then you have ele grady l. Dt who could play the guard positions. Andrew wylie has found surround really everything but center. Same thing for mike remers so the name of the game when it comes to the depth of the offensive line is versatility and i think this chiefs team has versatility really at each and every position. I just named two players for each position along the line. Where if a guy misses a game or two or you get down to a little bit of your depth and super bowl is not drastic and you have players to back them up. I like the depth on this team..

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