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Editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. Normally we start the new year with a rerun. But this year, we thought it would be more fun to revisit some favorite moments from two thousand eighteen first step K Kannan, the former improv performer who kicked off writing career on the Tina Fey series, thirty rock. She went on to write all three pitch. Perfect movies and created the Netflix series girl bus, which okay critics did not love cannon had thought she'd get a chance to direct on season two of that series. Except it never got that far. Then along came blockers a script about high school girls who make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night it needed work and it needed a director. It was called Cherry's. Well, it was on the blacklist. They had been working. They had called it. They had renamed it the pact. And they had already done some work on it. Cherries on the blacklist became the pack. Yeah. What I was excited about was the writer in me came out. And I'm like, oh, I know the take I have on this. And I know the changes I would like to make and ideas that I had and I thought the scripture super funny. And so I said, yes, immediately, and then I met with all the producers says, basically like me and like ten producer dudes. Yeah. Because I didn't have time to do the rewrite. So I had hired. My husband had been Russell who we work a lot together. And so it was like Ben and like nine other guys. And I basically kind of went through the script and was like this feels like it's written by dude's not only that it feels like it's written by middle aged do or like it. I hate to say this because it really wasn't this. But it was like this feels a little like John now. This isn't feel right, right? Like getting into the. Yeah. Yeah. And then we will have big discussions in big debates and everything. And then you know, like, I was like it has to feel like it's from the female perspective. I mean, and they knew that which is why they hired me. I felt like the young women the daughters. Just didn't they weren't real? Yeah. I mean, th the made them very distinctive. And I don't think that coming out thing was part of it wasn't. Yeah. That was something that we added one of the girls. Figuring out our sexuality. Yeah. I was trying to think like girls, I talked to my nieces who are teenagers and. What's important what's going on like, you know, trying to connect? And and then I honestly like that about myself with my girlfriends, I out with the same girls for four years in high school, and we talk pretty Frank with each other, and we curse than we. You know? I don't know. It's I felt like we talked really real. And it's really interesting now that the movies come out and there's like raunchy sex romp. Whatever the only say nakedness see is from middle aged men like like, Gary Cole's like a six year old, man..

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