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We have multiple wars in the place. We live a we got a floor. Our house has the floor. Then there's room like the setup we have is great and nice you know the the spot is rent controlled so i could never find another place like this at this price point. Even if i tried right yeah no. It's been it's been great. I very fortunate. I fully realize i fully acknowledged this. I'm very fortunate to have had kind of all the ducks in a row that i had the formed. This completely never planning for this to be the reality that we live in. Crib is great. All the stuff in. it's great. I live with inside are great and yeah so why why would i want to go out. Fair enough fair enough. Thought it's true although you know playing live music or playing in front of like life people rather than them being on a screen. Yeah i miss that. That's that's the thing that's kind of bite can't do anything about it. I can't do anything about it. The other thing is. I've also realized i how much i enjoy playing on on a live livestream on screen and all i think that has just very different advantages experience. It's a thing that none of us really were doing before or even if we did it was just not a thing that we ever thought about and now i just kind of has to be so you know like all making our livestreams better for those of us who were doing it. Relieves him branka. You their art. And i've come to you know really appreciate the nuances of it. I think we're losing their. I've experienced and you know. I think everyone knows that but at the same time. There's a lot of other stuff that you get with the livestream that you just don't get by playing in real spaces for one. I can also talk to everybody. Who's at the show you know. And i don't have to feel drunk people stumbling into the booth trying to make requests not gonna play not playing that song. Yeah it's great so it's it's very much just like again all the things that i talk about. You know loving being at home. I'm just hanging out. I don't have to get dressed up. I don't have to pay. Tt fair or pay for an uber to get home. I get to play whatever i want. I'm hanging out comfortable and you know if people wanna show up in. Hang out as well. They're free to do so and the only people who have to be there are people who want to be there. Episode true paulie. Just shut down our cameras. I just said that we could conserve bandwidth. But i wanted to actually spend some time on this whole idea of live music versus streaming. I wanna start off on the live music site of things obviously before last march You know you sort of some research and you know you were playing in places like the garrison adelaide hall and an wrong bar among other places probably. I'm just curious do you..

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