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Interesting. Now I have one last question. That shotgun in the corner. Do you much hunting Mr Hickok Vets Dick. Twelve gauge voted on credit to shoot pheasants. He didn't I left the Hickox home shaking with excitement almost everything they told him indicated that Dick Hickok and Perry. Smith had killed. The clutter 's won't Hickox thought Hickok and Smith traveled to Fourth Scott on November. Fourteenth Nine knew that Smith sole surviving sister had never lived in. Fort Scott Kansas. It seemed Hickok. Had told his parents a complete lie likely to cover up their trip to river valley farm, and to top it all off. Ny was certain that he had just spotted the murder weapon. Now, all he had to do is find his suspects the KB I contacted law enforcement in seventeen states and several cities where Perry Smith and Dick Hickok had been known to travel K, B I gave these agencies descriptions of their suspects, and an active search began for Smith and Hitchcock in Kansas City, Reno, Las Vegas and Alaska. The pair had vanished one week after the murders on November twenty, first and the. Had only started tracking them in early December. Do, we and the rest of the team all new. Their suspects might be too far gone possibly even out of the country, but they were willing to wait as long as it took to find them, but to their surprise just one week after putting out there, APB's. They gotta hit. Foul. Brother Ni-. Get ready for some big news on ready. Our friends were right here in Kansas. City just yesterday Hickox written checks from one side of town to the other, using his own name his own name. That must mean he doesn't plan to hang around. So Smith still with him. They're together. Okay, but driving a different car. One of the guys they scammed had the sense to write down the license number. Johnson County licensed one six to one to. Must be a stolen car stolen tags two. We sent out an alert with the new information. Good chance! We catch them by Christmas. The agents would not apprehend Smith and Hickok by Christmas time, but they wouldn't have to wait much longer around five pm. On December Thirtieth Las Vegas, police officers OC PICKFORD and Francis MacAulay were on patrol on their regular route while driving, they noticed a black and white nineteen fifty-six Chevrolet Bearing Kansas license plate number J o one six to one to parked outside of the Las Vegas Post Office Dick Hickok was sitting in the driver's seat. Both officers had memorized their list of APB's and they recognize kickoff. Kickoff in the stolen vehicle. Almost immediately they kept their distance parked behind the car and waited shortly after the officer Spied Perry, Smith Emerging from the post office, carrying a large cardboard box. They watched Smith get into the car and followed as the river way. The cops tailed the suspects for half a mile, winding up and down the Las Vegas streets, finally the purpose pull up in front of a CD motel and parked. The officers quickly sped up beside them and hopped out of the car guns drawn. Dick Hickok compare Smith. You are under arrest shoe honey. Here we go again. The officers brought the duo in for questioning. They also searched the box. Smith picked up from the post office. It contained a collection of his belongings. Most interesting among them were two pairs of boots. One set had a distinct diamond soul. The second had a catspaw on. That could also look like to is. These were the boots that had walked across the cluttered basement. The officers had found their smoking gun yet despite this, the agents knew that matching blueprints would not be enough to get a conviction in court. After all any lawyer could argue that some other pair of men had worn seen boots that fateful night. Now if I wanted to put these away for life. They knew they would need a confession soon. The K B is best agents, but arrive in Vegas to make that happen. When we return, the interrogation begins now back to the story. On December, Thirtieth Twenty eight-year-old Dick Hickok in thirty one year old. Perry Smith the prime suspects in the clutter. Family murders were arrested by police in Las Vegas. K B I agents Alvin Dewey. Herald ny Roy Church and Clarence dunce arrived in Vegas by January first nineteen sixty. They interrogated Hickok in Smith around two PM on January second. The four agents split the suspects into two different interrogation rooms, Alvin Dewey and Clarence dunce question Perry. Smith Herald Nine Roy Church interrogated Dick Hitchcock. Harry Smith was quiet in defensive. He did little talking at all. Hitchcock on the other hand was chatty and confident. It was cleared denying church that Hickok thought he could talk his way out of anything. This man t was their best bet at a confession I. They warmed Hickok by claiming they'd only Travel Vegas to ask him about his check cashing sprees back in Kansas convinced he'd only get time for fraud Hickok talked openly about his many travels. He and Smith had spent the past two months driving all over America from Kansas City to Miami to Mexico City. And all the way back to las. Vegas once they felt hitchcock was at ease. They dropped a bomb on him. Those. were, something else sounds like it. I guess you know why we're here or what I guess you realize. He would have come all the way to Nevada just a chat with a couple of two bit. Chesler's. Would we dick? I can't think of any other reason. Tell me Dick. have. You ever heard of the clutter case Whoa now. Hold on here I'm no goddamn killer, a vicious crime vicious. Cowardly And almost perfect, but you made two mistakes stick. One was you left the witness who will get on the stand and tell a jury how Richard Hickok and Perry Smith bound and gagged and slaughtered four helpless people living witness. No second was a blueprint. You and Perry, both we know you were there and here's what's going to happen to you Hickok. You be taken back to Kansas. You'll be charged on four counts of first degree murder. Perry Smith Killed The clutter. Jerry I couldn't stop him. He killed him. Oh. He told them.

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