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I don't know that there's a ton of players that we're hearing busio. Obviously, was unavailable to be called in and then it's really you're talking about Joe scallion John Anthony Brooks, I think, are the two. And if they're not playing, if the assumption is that neither of them are high enough in the play right now, and the Jonathan Brooks conversations its own thing, which I think we can have, which is he has not performed for the U.S., I think he needs some specific parameters around him to be successful. I do actually think the players exist in the pool. Now that miles Robinson and walker Zimmerman have appeared at the level they can, which is to cover for the things he struggles with athletically and in space. If he's not a starter, then it seems like we're all there doesn't feel inclined to bring him in. And right now you look at the center back depth chart where he has enough pieces. Going into this camp. And so Jon Anthony Brooks has said it himself. I haven't performed at that level. I do think he should get an opportunity to go back into this group, but you don't take that risk in World Cup qualifying. And so if he's not needed because you have other options, and everyone else is available, then I think he's spending the next two, three months, not with the USM and team. So it's Mark McKinsey that's probably the name on this roster that you were talking about the fourth we're talking about before string center. What miles Robinson Mark is there in Chris Richard? So those guys are all ahead of him on the depth chart right now. Yeah, I think so. And I didn't think it would turn out this way. I still think that Brooks is left foot is. Tough to replicate in this group. And if you think back to the Nations League game against Honduras, he ended up setting up the only goal in that game with a neat little chip ball to the I forget who was making the might have been Shaq more who was overlapping on the far right and then pfo could heads at home. That's a nice ball. I do think other center backs in the pool can hit it, but I Brooks is the one I trust to hit it most. At the same time, I didn't think Brooks was good against Mexico in the nation's League final, and he was really pretty bad. Against Canada and then especially against Honduras in the September window. Bad to the point of being yanked at halftime. And by some arguments, he is the most talented center back in the pool. But I think David's argument is correct. He hasn't shown that consistently at all with the U.S., especially in qualifiers. So forth on the depth chart, I'm okay with him not being there. I do wonder if there are other things going on. If you think back to even when he was a young guy, he didn't like being like coming off the bench. He didn't like being depth. I think Kyle beckerman mentioned it way back in 2014..

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