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It looks. Eighty eight. Good. Green Bay Packers banker. Cowboy George died during the green. Dallas cowboy they don't have the eleven yard line. Definitely within field goal raid. Avail, all they cut down that with Gabe. Ted more at this point in the game. Chuck Marsin who hasn't even on the team and training camp was really starting to come to the fore, in this case, especially with that nineteen yard passes set the Packers up at least in field goal range as you mentioned, and maybe a little bit more and unlikely hero. And the hats off to Vince Lombardi for picking him up, I guess check machine had been with the New York Giants for awhile took a job on Wall Street. But with communications with his old team. The New York Giants Lombardi knew that machine might be a good valuable addition. And he certainly was in this game that nineteen yard pass play was huge Green Bay Packers at the time, but there was more in store for Mr. check mercenery Bart star talks about the next play in that drive to picture that when we're formation. We have fool back behind the center and quarterback in the left halfback over there. In that formation. Their alignment defensively versus formations to have Louis press up and inside of our left guard. He's will inside of it because we ran a play where you pull our guard trying to send the back soon. They cut him off. And that was designed to not allow you to do that. So what we had been developed.

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