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Going to court next week. I've been selected for jury duty. Kind of an insane case six thousand ants dressed up is rice and robbed a Chinese restaurant. That's funny. I'm sorry. I don't get it. Ants on trial. Okay. Well, the Red Sox pitcher was the one that was suspended not the comedian and Salvador Perez of the royals Tommy John surgery Wednesday. He will miss the remainder of the entire season. Started yet capitals beat the flyers five three notable. Because they moved two points ahead of the islanders again the playoffs. Started today. Jerry who the islanders would be playing against in the NHL backs. Nordiques nice. I don't know the Carolina Hurricanes. And you'd have an epic series between the Leafs in the Bruins epic. And you'd have the capitals and the penguins about that. That'd be fun. The lightning would play the Canadians skate against Alex Ovechkin six goal last night can beat the Maple Leafs in overtime three two islanders Dupleix Ottawa tonight. They're on the road radio dot com at seven thirty calling up. Christopher Gibson with the injury to Robin lender and other ranger skate in Detroit. All right. Thanks Jared to Nick and south Brunswick, New Jersey. What's happening, Nick? Hey, guys. How's it going? Good, man. When he got, hey. Things they got one thing to Jerry, Jerry. What do you think about Rutgers basketball this year? You think the CNA coming up for them in the next coming years? Pretty sure he didn't tell Alvis. Yeah. Yes. They're on. They're on the rise. Nick. They're on the rise. Yes. No. Yeah. You're right. I didn't tell. But the one thing I remember a while ago. You said that AB came on your wedding. Yup. Or your birthday? Yeah. No it was my wedding reception. And and thanks, Nick. So I feel responsible for getting Antonio Brown involved in this because in twenty fifteen for our wedding reception. Antonio Brown recorded a toast for my wife. Hey, gina. Tonio brown. I'm ta have the practice, but like always say chess up house up Prado. And for you. Glass up at the weather. Have a great wed. That's cool. Bubis in that one. No. But he did say up is this something about him and chest. Yeah. That was Antonio we played that everybody got quiet at the wedding reception. DJ played it that was when he was normal. Yeah. There you go for lack of a better than doing quite well. Yeah. People really really enjoyed this kind of Coolidge. And did that Barbara did that for my niece who she loved him at the time? Stay she's six years old at the time seven years old. And he did it for me. And think about that we're talking now four and a half years later, I guess or three and a half years later three and a half years later. This is what he's doing for K. Cami and cameo seems to be a pretty big company because they operate in L A, New York City and Chicago. I was just looking at their website. Yeah. Big tax. Exactly. I was you can apply for to be talent. You can enroll is talent. Here you can just enroll. The application process. The app. No. It says apply to join cameo. If you have fans if you have fans, we all have fame social media following. I would think that means if have fans that want to join cameo is talent you can enroll here, and we'll be in touch name Email phone number your handle. There you go. They wanna know how many followers I wonder what the minimum requirement is thousand. I was looking up. Some there's there's a couple of narrow twenty thousand nine t anything less than that. Okay. Like, Mike Hilton of the Steelers cornerback do you think that's how they justify the amount as the tween us following in the size of the twain us right that Mike Helton had like twenty nine thousand and he is much. You get I think if D or twenty fifty maybe maybe twenty five I gotta go back go back, and look it might be it might just be twenty five. But, but yes, that's just an example. I could find Mike Helton again, it's gonna take forever. Now. Would you do see him be separately? Or as a show could they do it. I think you'd have to do it. He'd probably have to do it separately. Bart. Scott will be like, yes, your party. Can't wait. Like my goodness. Maggie say that's gonna suck. Wait. I heard your vile piece of trash. Oh boy. Karlyn just spinach. Hey, sally. No you'd have to do them separately. Yeah. Can't farm. Sorry. Intro roles. Fifty bucks. So get him one which is more than he got paid to do Joe. And evan. Not true. Oh, yeah. There's Mike Helton twenty five dollars. I'm sorry. Not fifty. There's some guy. I've never heard of some special teams guy on the Steelers Olah soon Konami Diani here here, I have not twenty five bucks for that guy. Kevin Harlan do that though. All the Steelers signing up for. I know. It's amazing. Mike Tomlin's guys. You're going to say it's Tomlin on there. It's gotta be on their man. This way came out of the birth canal several years ago. Popped out C-section caesarian section birth. You head was intact. Heard. It was a natural birth. Didn't get the bureau. Enjoy those blanks in your face. Did you imagine if coach Belichick? Nobody really cares. Nobody your life. You're just. Basically a grain of sand a pimple on the ass of the world. So. We cares about you and your family. Onto fifty eight. And we're just can't see. Sondhi's? Yes. We are looking forward. The fifth annual might strong charity hockey.

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