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We are with our good friend Daniel Bays from the humane society of the United States. Danielle is the senior analyst for Cat Protection and policy. And she's been a guest on the community cats podcast many many times. So if you WANNA find out about her background please go to the show notes at community. Cats PODCAST DOT COM and we'll have links to all the past episodes that she has been on but Danielle. Welcome to the show today. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here. So first and foremost of course. Podcasts HAVE TO BE NUMBER ONE IN MY mind. I want to congratulate you on a wonderful podcast episode for the Humane Society of the United States. New podcast which I believe is called humane voices. How did you enjoy being on their show? I liked it. It was a fun experience. 'cause I got to be there in person with the hosts and I made a lot of jokes but I don't know that they make the final episode so it was lovely. I love podcast with a big fan of them. Glad to see more and more of them talking about cadwell. I was impressed to see that. Has decided to put some resources into podcasting so welcome you and the other folks who are intimately involved in the podcast to the podcasting world for animal welfare. So it's great. I'm supportive of all folks doing tied casting the more for us to listen to the better off. We're all going to be so Danielle before we jump into talking about policy issues. What's going on around the country? I know you have expo coming up and I didn't know if you wanted to share some details about where it's going to be when it is and what's happening. Yeah it's going to be in San Antonio Texas this year. It's a first time breastfeeding your. I'm really excited at the Convention Center which is raped by the Alamo and I understand there's cat graves at the Alamo from their community cats. They've had there in the past so there's a nice little cat tourism going on but we have a whole cats track expos going around for. May Sixty nine and we have a whole track devoted to cats we're gonNA covers. Tr WE'RE GONNA COVER BEHAVIOR. We're GONNA cover kitten a lot of great stuff. It starts out with a whole day long session on cat behavior and that is going to be presented by Andrew. Doernen from town antibiotic Assira who you will have on your cat behavior day. Yes just happened once his ears. So they're gonNA talk about those really hard to adopt cats. Some of the older shy cats some of the older kittens that came in for maybe a feral colony or not quite social. But you can see the potential in them so they're gonNA do a really fun interactive day long learning lab about that and I'm super excited and then for the regular programming. We have several she. In our programs that are highlighted including the program in a Portland. A lot of people here about the Karen Kraushaar. Bob Salinger's clam in the cat wild if Nakano tour this time. Kieran and the Kenan their medical director are going to talk about their actual t in our program and how they work with the community. They're stay neuter clinic to really work on reducing the population of cats outside and then kind of another part of the country. We're GONNA hear from Nadia Novick. Who is from Mount Humane in Idaho about how they really engaged community in kind of do heads for lifestyle outreach program for tr? I've had a lot of great success. So that's kind of a much less populated rural area versus Portland which is more urban center. So there's a lot for everyone and then of course you're going to be doing. A couple of workshops unranked awesome community cat coordinator of so many more shelters are hiring people to focus on their community cap program. So what does that mean? What does that look like? And then the community Cap Pyramid which I really think is a new way that we need to be thinking. And I'm hoping that we'll have a lot of shelters attend that and really reassess the way that they're putting resources into cat issues so that's really exciting. I'm going to be doing more talk about policy with our state director. Brian Hackett from Jersey. He is more of a cat guy than I am. A Cat Lady so. I'm really excited for us to appear together and talk about how to get local ordinances. Get your elected officials involved. How to build coalitions locally so that should be really fun. Expect a lot of cap humor in Addis Well on Kittens the national kitten coalition will be. They're talking about a kittens Developmental Journey. And then the folks from the million cat challenge have a whole array of different shelters talking about some of the different kitten programs that they have found successful. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we're also going to have Jackson Galaxy. The Camp Daddy talking about why we must be cat now and it's really important to focus on cats and cat behavior so it should be really really exciting program. I hope people will be able to come. Registration is open on site. So it's never too late to sign up that's fantastic. That's a great lineup. In thank you so much to each issue as for allowing me to share some. I fought around various topics. I am very passionate about the community Cap Pyramid and at HSS us. We're going to have some give aways. We're going to have some posters where you can put your own logo on the flyers and possibly some t shirts even so we have some grand plans to make sure that a Reno's with community kept pyramid is all about. I can't wait for it's GonNa be fun and I have actually never been to Texas other than I have flown through Dallas once. So it'll be great to see a part of Texas so for me. It'll be an adventure. So yeah let's move onto. Our policy are jeopardy game of policy to a certain degree but it seems like at this point in time there is one major hot topic going on all around the country with lots of positive movement and momentum. And I'd like you to share that with us today. Get your claws out. It's declining declining. Has Been An issue for folks in the cat community for a long time since last year when New York state became the first state in the US to enact a statewide ban on non therapeutic decline in is really taken off. And I WANNA give a shout out to the pop project which has been a huge advocate in this realm and really done so much education with the public with veterinarians with legislators met now are saying there should be a dozen states at least with declawed bills. This year and states. That were the bill had just kind of sat there last year are already moving. Having more hearings there's momentum. Legislators are coming forward wanting to introduce a bill on their own. It's not one of those issues where you have to go out and find legislators sponsor bills they are doing it proactively. Which is really exciting yet. Do you think that the reason there's this? Momentum and action is because of New York passing the ban legislatively. I think that that's kind of the tipping point. We seen policies for different entities evolve over time. There are a lot of medical organizations. That are supportive obviously are Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association has been opposed to decline along. The American Association of Feeling Practitioners is opposed to decline recently of seeing Banfield that hospitals which operate across the country in the petsmarts. Mostly they now are no longer doing decline so this is a major shift in our thinking about how cats used their claws and why they use their claws and why they should keep them and it's not just something that we can leave to individuals to make that decision one thing. That really surprised me when I was learning about. This is that the Avian May estimates about twenty. Five percent of cats are declawed. Wow that's amazing. I can't believe does that many cats. That are getting declawed anymore. Yeah I thought that was really surprising. It doesn't take that many that nearly still doing declined because if one veterinarian in a community is doing decline they can do all that business. It's not like if a whole bunch of the vets don't that it's going to have the same kind of reduction so if there's an actual law prohibiting at we're GonNa make more of a difference than simply through education. Unfortunately that's the case here so with regards to you know. There's the statewide initiative citywide initiatives and then association wide initiatives. If there's somebody out there who's really interested in getting involved in this issue finding out more how to help. Where would you recommend that they turn the? Us has a state director in nearly every state. And we don't actually have a person in a state. We have a person who covers the state so I would suggest anyone who's interested in following up with legislation on the state level even the local level to reach out to their hsen State Director. And you can reach them easily by email. Just say right the name of your state at Humane Society Dot. Org so you had mentioned when we were chatting before we hit the record button that you have a new community guide for municipal officials coming out. What is that about? Yeah this is a update and revision of publication. We've had alice managing community cats guide for elected municipal officials and it really outlines why municipalities should be concerned about humanity cats and what our policies looks at all the things that don't work that we often see a lot of times. When policymakers have a cat issue that get complaints in other knee? Jerk reaction is to remove the cats or band feeding of the cats. Is they think that will just solve the problem. So this document outlines those things that don't work but also the things that you're like June. Tr having programs to address keeping cats in homes in families. And why they should embrace those instead. It has some scientific information studies. It has data from different shelters to show. How doing these humane programs have reduced complaints reduced cats coming into shelters. So it's kind of like your one stop guide to hand to your legislators to help them understand the issue so it's been out of print for about a year. We've done some updating and revising it at its new information and it is going to be hot off the presses when the show airs excellent. We'll make sure we get linked to that in the show notes along with the other guy that you are well known for which is the return to field guide that you did with Brian and visit with Karen or just Bryan. Bryan Curtis Susan Richmond and Karen. Little he has and that's also available on the H. S. US website to yes. You can find all of our resources or cats. The municipal guide elected officials the return to feel handbooks mother. Flowers as well as information on animal. Care Expo at animal sheltering dot. Org said that's the humane citing the United States website that is focused on the shelter or rescue community and provides lots of resources for those folks out in the field. Who are working on these issues. Fantastic fantastic say goodbye scooping. Say hello to a better litterbox introducing kitty sift the eco-friendly waterproof litterbox.

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