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That's the scene of the raft after he lose. I wanna hear him. Say wilson no such great music world art wilson at makes me cry every time. It's the strings like. I don't know what instrument that is. It reminds me a loss. The finale of loss. And it's such a mood setter and it's funny when i watched this movie. And now we're talking about castaway i i understood. He was sad from my head. But i did not understand what wilson truly represent it until. I saw the movie a few more times. And what is that. What does that mean to you. It was everything was his companion. it was his existence. Who is he without wilson. And you know what i. I watched him. All right soccer balls or volleyballs gone big deal like wasn't that crass about it but Yeah well it's also the release of. I don't know if i can do this. He'd been carrying for four years. We're going to do this. And we're gonna get over the wave and wilson we're gonna we're gonna do this together. And then he got over the wave and he lost wilson and now it's like i felt like he was apologizing to kelly for leaving. I think he was apologizing for the people that he didn't show up for. He was apologizing to himself for. Maybe letting go like. It was like a cathartic we hadn't seen him do that. Since he got on the island he hadn't been able to talk about redid. This show a couple weeks ago about stress stressors and how our body needs to relieve our stressors. He he had a few you see in his body and that was what was needed. And you know what on that. Note of castaway and wilson relating this to the election. But for those of you who you know. Obviously if you if you're feeling good about the election I'm saying that. That way. Because i was reading articles today about you. Know the count the final count and how there are seventy one million people who may be who voted for someone else. Now i think that seventy one million there are people who are maybe maybe they voted for the other guy but they're okay with buying being president. I think it's got a little bit of a different feel as one or the other. There's a whole spectrum differences. Someone may say well. Just what republican. Yeah but i trust. Joe biden. Like i i do believe i think that's very different than last time where it was a little more of a severe shift to where i think this was and i could be wrong but there still are millions of people who maybe are not happy with this outcome and i get that but for you know for those of you that are In your feeling a sense of relief you know that we have taken a lot of hits for four years and sometimes we talked about last week about sometimes i even forget. Some of the most significant hits..

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