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It almost seems like Jonathan Body know any better. It almost seems like McNair is looking to create a situation where he would force Watson into requesting a trade. I mean, you touched on this, but why would the owner not go out of his way? To make sure that his franchise quarterback is happy. Exactly. What is the owner thinking throughout all this? Yeah, answer that, because, frankly, when he should have never offered to keep the show on water, you know used to Sean Watson's counsel for a head coach for general manager. Frankly, that's just not the position of However much of a franchise quarterback he is of a 25 year old franchise quarterback. Now, if you want to say Hey, before you find out on Twitter, we're going to let you know what we're doing. That's completely fair and should have happened. Whether you tell the Sean that or whether he requests that are not that should happen. That did not happen. But beyond that. He was told to Sean was that he would be involved in the process. And then he was not. So this is a situation all made up by Kalman there and then really, there hasn't been any sort of attempt to rectify it until well well after the fact where everybody could see how transparent it it. They didn't interview Eric the enemy or even put in a request to interview Eric the enemy until it was made clear that the Shawn Watson on vacation was very unhappy with the nick stereo higher or just The fact that he retired without his knowing, so it's been a message been transparent, And if there's anyone to blame in this coming, there has been no one else to look at. But himself. Jonathan Jones joining us some nickel backs out a minute, But you mention Eric the enemy, Jonathan, if you had to guess I mean, what is it? It's something right. How does this guy not have a job? I don't know what it is, and you know it's really difficult for me, especially in this position where you asked the question. I'm supposed to provide the information. I'm supposed to have the answers. I talked to league sources and executives and folks who should know because there has to be a legitimate reason. Jim and I'm telling you, I don't know of a legitimate reason you've heard though he doesn't interview well. Listen, I've been taking part in interviews with Eric the enemy Bernie number of years. The last three years. We've clips of him in front of a microphone. He he does interview well, and if he doesn't interview well with team ownership behind closed doors, and only then I'll even give you that that maybe two years ago when his first go around this It wasn't that great. He's had plenty of people and plenty of information and advice to figure out how to interview better behind closed doors. Even if you do believe that, and so I don't know really what it is that he has some stuff in his past from 30 years ago when he was in college or just out of college. Run ins with the law that he's able to certainly explain away Yes, he does. Doesn't resume on. Is there a history in the NFL with a guy with his background? Who would get a head coaching job? Absolutely. So to answer your question. A very fair question. When I wish I could answer I cannot write. I keep asking because nobody seems to have the answer. Johnson and in terms of how we interviews. You've spoken to him more recently than I have. I've been trying to run him down. I've had I have not had success. But back in the day I did interview him. On multiple occasions when he played and after he was a great interview like Crazy Energy Crazy Korea's much from medicine site, So I understand that an interview with me on radio program is very different sitting with an owner of GM, But this whole notion of this guy can interview and I find that very hard to believe. So now if we go back to the situation will calm McNair and shot Watson. Jonathan, Can you see a scenario where make narrow might dig his heels in and refused to trade Watson and then find him if he doesn't show up? Well, thank you very much See a scenario where the Houston Texans do dig their heels in and you know, it has been more or less assumes that the Shawn Watson had taken his last night for the Houston Texans. But today's news Of him requesting a trade formally. That was sort of the point of no return. Well, we have also understood that the Houston Texans through various sourcing privately, it said, was that we don't really want to trade to Shawn Watson. I would expect here pretty soon now that out in the public the Sean stand That the Texans will come out publicly and also state that they have no intention of trading to Shawn Watson. So we're going to dig in here, But I can tell you this and this is what I wrote. CBS sports dot com That you alluded to earlier it behoove no one to dig their heels in and fight this out, because the Sean doesn't want to be there anymore. And so, what you gonna do? You're gonna find him when you get to training camp. Well, if you've made it that far, What you have done is the Houston Texans is You have a high performing high value asset that is not performing and all the offers that you had coming in or coming in today, two or three or four first round picks. Will those have evaporated now? So now you have nothing to get for your asset. You have a disgruntled player. You have a roster full of players who see how you're treating this guy who did nothing but the right thing. You have free agents who don't want to come there and play for you. You've just created even more problems for your problematic franchise. I cannot imagine that a team would want that. But if there is one team, the NFL that does want that it would probably be the team run by Calvin there. Jonathan Jones joining me for another moment or so, Jonathan, you also made the point and changing topics quickly. You made the point that you do not expect to see Aaron Rodgers dealt. How would you describe the situation in Green Bay? And how do you think that will play out? Yeah, you know, sort of a heat of the moment. Sort of a jab. It management just wanted to remind them Of course about that. Jordan Love pick which was a bit of a double edged sword. No, he didn't get You know, a top playmaker there in the first round, like he normally has not. However, it added fuel to the fire and helped him get to his third MVPs. 37 years old. I don't have any doubt in my mind about that, so I don't see him going anywhere. Sometimes the grass isn't greener outside of the Packers, for whatever reason, sending him to let's say the San Francisco 40 Niners and handing them another NFC championship. I don't really see where else he could go. So I felt that that was a lot of offseason talk that you know about. A day later, Aaron Rodgers went ahead and kind of quelled. All right. So which a weekend away from the Super Bowl on CBS, and you are all over this? How about Summerlee thoughts on Kansas City and Tampa Bay where the matchups or storylines to catch your eye? Well, we'll start on offensive. I'm concerned about how Kansas City is going to protect Patrick. The homes were, they're probably going to have to backup tackles and Mike Remmers. But over the left tackle. He had been the backup it right tackle Andrew Wiley going in there, right tackle. And so how are they going to protect the quarterback with Turk toe? Who we saw worker He was still able to run but not running the same as we're used to seeing him run. And then of course, they're going up against Jack Barrett. On J P. P who were getting to Aaron Rodgers early, often, and rather quickly, from time of snap to getting to the quarterback and then on the other side For me, it's Tom Brady, and it's about how he could start quickly this season with the Bucks. You've had a passer rating in the first quarter about 107 Yes. 10 touchdowns and one interception in the first quarter of all the games So far this season, however, we know in the Super Bowl, nine Super Bowls, he's played nine first quarters. He has a passer rating of 71. He has just three points. Account for in the past nine first quarters of his Super Bowl, So she needs a fast start because we know that you know you get you spot, Patrick, my home some point gonna be really hard to come back. It's a really good points. Which way are you leaning right now? Uh, it's a good question. I'll tell you what. Every day I kind of keep going back and forth. It's hard for me to bet against passion. The homes in the chief's I've been saying for months now that I very much believe there's no way you could stop him even dating back to that. Often game where Mahomes turned the ball over three or 44 times,.

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