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The right lane ninety westbound on that ramp to northbound i 5 at collation has moved off to the side it looks like in des moines i 5 northbound just north of state route 516 sixteen kentdes moines roach there's disabled vehicle blocking the hov lane and we're seeing some snow in the mountains some slowing on i 90 between north bend in the summit but currently no restrictions over so call me stevens white or blewett passes your ex reported to a fifty four i'm dustin richie on komo news in fellow good morning everybody why is it going to be cold out there when you leave your house might want to grab a couple of codes here and the gloves because we're talking about temperatures in the 2016 head out the door that the afternoon high temperatures won't be all that more me there it's matter of fact it will be somewhere around in the low forty and that's about it and i was going to be some sunshine so it'll be pretty but boy is it going to be cold and i suppose that makes sense because we are ushering in the first day of winter ensure feel like it in the komo weather center i'm steve pool komo news 1000 and fm 97 7 connected to the northwest connected to your world there are closed in dramatic elections in others the race in virginia's ninety four thousand district told you always gotta take something dramatic cannot send kelly simon's tolerates rent and that is what happened here during this hearing at the newport news courthouse today as an election official on the republican side went home after the recount last night and had a change of heart and felt like there is a ballot that perhaps could have been counted for david unc azure remember after the recount shelly silence was in the lead by what the voter drew in the circle around david dnc and shelly simon's but then there was a line near the shelly simon's name and.

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