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Is what are the only living heroes that I keep a wrap my mind around Steve Futterman. CBS news outside the state capitol building in Phoenix, John McCain's mother will be in attendance at Washington National cathedral on Saturday her son will be buried Sunday at the US naval academy in Annapolis, Roberta McCain says her. Son used her as an example of what he hopes his life span will be she's one hundred six years old President Trump says the departure of White House counsel has nothing to do with the thirty hours time began. Spent with a special council President Trump. Announced on Twitter that White House counsel Don, Mcgann will leave his. Position in the fall after the confirmation hopefully of judge Brad Kavanagh his departure. Has been rumored for months what Mcgann was surprised by the president's tweet. Because the two men had not directly discussed it Mcgann joins a long list of high profile White House. Departures including White House communications director hope Hicks the, president's chief strategist Steve Bannon and his first chief of staff Ryan's pre-bus CBS news correspondent Paula Reid the formatted last night's gubernatorial debated Hofstra allowed, for some fiery back. And forth although as MAC Rosenberg reports they were often talking all, over each other The lease Stop. Interesting Senate please. Do that if you stop lying Okay Let me more than once, Wednesday democratic candidates went at it on a variety of, issues notably the MTA and fixing the subways Cuomo also made a. Guarantee I just wanna be clear you promised to serve four more years as, governor if. Reelected The only. Caveat is Is if, God strikes me dead then he took, aim. At Nixon's political inexperience she called him corrupt and. Sit experience means nothing if a. Politician can't govern experts I spoke with both candidates did their jobs and we'll walk away with reasons. To believe they won it comes down. To what they say voters will decide if governor Cuomo's policies for the past eight years are good enough or that they now know enough of that Nixon and what she stands for counter to Cuomo at Hofstra university macro Sandberg WCBS NewsRadio eight.

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