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I think it would be red zone defense. I think it would be field goal P._A._T.. Efficiency yards per point than rushing attempts yeah. I'm I'm picking the ones that are directly attached to scoring. What's interesting? Here is is like I said coming from a coach's perspective turnover margin feel efficiency and red zone. Defense are things that you're going to focus John in game. Hey we got him. We got a deflate defend every blade of grass. Keep them out of the end zone. Have you got an office city uprights. Hey we gotta take care of the ball. We gotta take the ball away. You're not thinking about yards per point and it all honestly you know someone who who wasn't offensive coordinator for a couple of years. I'm not thinking about how many times I rushed the ball. I'm thinking about moving the football down the field either way that I can right so I'm not focusing on making sure I get so many rushing attempts but that so so that's kind of the way I look at it so I think the yards for point and rushing attempts are important but they kind of take a back seat because they're not something that you can in game specifically. I would agree. They're they're icing stats. They're kind of like icing on top of the carrot cake. CARROT CAKE is good if it's just good care cake but it's great care cake if that cream cream cheese frosting is just fantastic. That's what you are pointing Oy. In rushing attempts are rushing attempts. I know as a coordinator you probably watched a game. You kind of got a feel for it. You know you would see if you were handling things up front and you could settle the game down to Kinda dictate and take control. You run it more. Let's slow it down now. Let's poundage team so he can get into some of our other stuff but if we can keep running the ball down their throat and it works will run but you don't like you said you don't go into a game saying we've got to run at twenty five times to win this game yeah well from the live chat. We're get a lot of people saying obviously the turnover differential turnover margin feel goal some in a four ten. What is that four ten carpenter legends said feel killed us? Thomas White says with last year stats if field goal success was one hundred percent. We win the super bowl so I I mean. I don't think we'd ever get one hundred percent field goal but that's a really good point so a lot of people are saying the field goals last year killed us us but that turnover differential is just one of those things it's Colin like a slow grind and if you look at the turnovers in turnover margin couple that with P._A._T.'s right so to to the to the caller's point who listeners listeners point as bad as they were with turnovers that if they make a few more kicks fake it to the playoffs and they probably get a two seed so does that mean this team is is that good hi. I'm avery truffle men and I'm the host of Nice. Try A podcast about utopia a place that is perfect and does not exist this season. We're traveling across time and space to explore seven different attempts to design a better world. What happens when those designs don't go? According to plan from Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in North America and Levitt town a series of suburban developments built in the nineteen fifties to shun degar a modernist Indian city. That's also responsible for the chairs Courtney Kardashians dining room and biosphere to an early nineties. Experiment that sought to create a completely enclosed self sustaining ecosystem and yeah some of them worked out better than others but they're all fascinating. Listen and subscribe to Nice try today on Apple podcasts on your favorite podcast APP from curbed and the VOX media podcast network..

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