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Give Cam sleeping. Guess you just have to go wake him up now. Won't you go to 0.5 the bone studios and fears for Florida? It's true Carabobo. Yeah. Good afternoon. Welcome to Drew Dorado. He's John setting I'm through Robbo. Really great to be here if you're into your vote For president going to someone other than a giant douche or a turd sandwich with South Park. Then you want to listen to what we've got to present to you at 4 40 this afternoon as we speak with Dr Joe Jorgensen, Libertarian candidate for president. Now, is that a silent J. We figured that out yet I'm going to get to the bottom. It's probably figure that out OK and silent, Bob? No. Is it your Jorgensen? Um I don't know. I'm gonna find out. Yeah, I mean, if you could get a fanatic pronunciation. Ah, I mean, I've heard it pronounced this Georgians, and so you know me to think as long as you get the doctor part right? We're good, right? That's the most important part. S o. She'll be joining us at 4 45 are deceived A few tweets of you know, why would you throw your vote? Really? Yeah. Nobody has a right to tell anybody like what they should be doing with their vote and It's barely barely. I barely want to vote at all. That's the thing If we live in a world where you can look at our two candidates, and then not understand Or not a TTE least except somebody wanting to vote for somebody else. What the hell is wrong with you Write others in the local issues that matter and maybe some amendments. If you feel passionately about those I could understand an 8% voter turnout this election. So we're talking right before the show. About our 1st 3rd base encounters. Yeah, not with each other. That hasn't happened yet. Not yet, but our 1st 3rd base encounters because they usually happen before you have a car. And we both Had our first said encounters. Where there were playgrounds nearby. Yeah, yours. Well, okay. Just for the sake of conversation. This wasn't my 1st 3rd base encounter. OK, it was a very specific type of third base encounter. This was the 1st 3rd base encounter you had Where there was no evidence. No evidence left behind. That's a good thing. The perfect perfect. Perfect. Thank you. No, thank you. Thank you. And I just vividly remember. Yeah, I was on a playground in Ah, Mackinac Island, Michigan. I was in the 10th grade. And who was the girl? The girl I dated all through. Ah, dated the same girl through high school. Her name was I'll save her name for. Thanks. You know for a family unsure who is definite listening, right eye on mine was about I want to say seventh or eighth grade weed. I didn't quite go as far as you did. But that was the first time you got a little stinky pinky. Yeah, And we for some bizarre reason started at the elementary school playground. Sorry, Mom, if you're listening And then we we moved to the woods behind the school, and we just like, went walking through the woods. And then we just stopped and nothing like some would love you get out in the woods. That is one of the most freeing just awesome experiences because you have You kind of know that nobody's going to find you..

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