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In the sense that someone would not be able to take your DNA and scan it and and project from there what your sexual behavior is likely to be the what about the idea of using this in a negative way to somehow try to change someone there have been questions raised about that with this discovery but Connolly says that would be nearly impossible there's actually you know hundreds of different variants that are linked to to same sex sexual behavior so it would be very difficult to you know make changes to all of those different gene discoveries made in science about all of us Jerry Preston ABC news a video clip is going viral from the U. S. open after a ball boy tried his best to deliver a Cup of coffee Venus Williams James flip and has the story starring William second round match on Wednesday she got a craving for some coffee she's had that before requesting a Cup of Joe during a recent match in Cincinnati this time around at the U. S. open in queens she again needed some caffeine and are all over the teenage ball boy who was handed a Cup of coffee down from the stands and then she just left the core for I guess a bathroom break and now is that is somewhat confused on shore walk back and forth across the court went viral with him ultimately setting the Cup down near her court side chair being a ball boy he says has been a highlight of the summer it's amazing the experience as amazing James flippant New York Washington hopes for an improved kicking game in the two thousand nineteen football season come was bill sports is talking dogs when the Huskies kick off their season at home tomorrow true freshman Tim Horton from Hawaii will kick off but the point after touchdowns in field goal duty still belong to redshirt sophomore Peyton Henry his goal a more consistent two thousand nineteen definitely.

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