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TV and they're still finding their way and the the assault on the castle. The humor bits as the gargoyles complete fish out of water. You know It's it's a lot of fun for me. Yeah I'm willing to buy. I mean I think it establishes that he's kind of ridiculously Machiavellian And that probably this as we as we discover later this whole fight was staged by him. but I am willing to buy it that it's equal part. He's he has overly complicated evil plans. And he wants to test the gargoyles slash his own amusement to be part of the the basically the fight because he he wants to he wants to shoot a laser gun at some people it fits very well with Santos liabilities according to how Owen is informed him that shooting his own employees as Safer shooting strangers so again New York City in the early nineties so maybe dig the giant discs I really liked the giant disks or optical. Do so he stopped news opt optical discs a few years before that were like looked like giant floppies. And I think that's what they're trying to really work find that those were. We're actually magic talisman. Yeah I love. How condescending is being really like helpful? Well the debriefing. Where he's like? I need you guys to go on my commando rays and they're like. Wow you have a screen. That shows big dude. Maybe maybe these are not the guys you need to like. Go the laboratory. How are they going to find a disk? I do love Jonathan frakes delivery on your naievety is refreshing. So slimy slimy and get like it's the worst parts of Reicher right. It's the worst parts of will reicher cross Tony Stark. It is true when you have magic though and you can in you know in your in a world of magic it's all. The machinations of things are machines and screens are not quite as amazing to you probably have seen things in mirrors and and screaming ponds and things already moving tapestry so we have lisa investigate this whole bizarre firefight and Owen with Zan. Cessna's assistant tries to get rid of her but she's still snooping around. Yeah Owen is a win is a person who has not given a lot of screen time in this episode but is certainly one of my favorite characters for reasons that become later on. He's delightful and he's also just yes the delivery and his persona is fantastic. Yeah the younger. The youngest snarky Alford. You could ever imagine yes an just such a straight man such straight and very very good. Use your revelations just hilarious delirious so we have our first encounter between a Lisa and Goliath where Goliath as Tony mentioned. Crushes lease gun. She stumbled off the building and he saves her and then they climb back up and they seem to start to establish a reporter. She explains he's a detective. And there's you know basically a things that she's investigating. She investigates when when things are don't fit together and we get a nice line about her sing a good detective. Trust no one. And that's one thing we have in common goliaths. Fear of being betrayed again runs very strongly through this entire episode and that is again another a nice note of complexity I think for these characters even though we have Santos he doesn't entirely trust Santos He doesn't entirely trust Lisa at the beginning. Either and we see just how badly affected by the events of the of Scotland. So rich is the time line was yesterday right. So right and yet he he. He throws that questioning completely away. When Dimona comes back in two of life layer? which almost makes is that betrayal and that interaction even more intense? Because you've seen him okay. Yeah he's got his other buddy a Buddy gargoyles and here's someone that saved his life and Yada Yada but still questioning and then oh his angel of the night comes back and all is forgiven and and that just stab in the heartened. It's it's so painful. The PATHOS Pathos yes. Speaking of PATHOS. this this Tehran of shows has some great subtle dialogue here and there like when a Lisa asks Goliath. There's more than one of you and he says barely uh-huh yeah in that Nice growl to So we have Santos giving the briefing about these stolen discs by cyber -biotics. And how he's going to send him out to recover them. We also get the idea. Now that he is something else is going on where he tells the shadowy figure that everything is going according to plan subtle animation is. It's hard to do because you have that moment of like especially when you're watching his back to back you're like well clearly d'amato right like shape of her and everything in the shadows but yeah not not so much that we get the discussion say airships giant sky ships. You know you'd think after what the avengers The doctor who ended time name anytime the the the the sound of drums What's The sky captain and the world of tomorrow? You know these giant airships these giant propeller-powered propeller-powered airships. They always go down. They always craft live out their ship. Back you right. You're right we get a discussion with Goliath Lisa about names. This is where Hudson gets his name and a Lisa and Glasgow sightseeing threat. City league well Hudson discovers television. We get our aforementioned mugging scene with the Yuppies who I believe. Show up in the background in a few more episodes as well Komo one of them. That was something else that they tended to bring these minor characters. Yes yes we. There's only like seven people in New York City Eh Marco who is clearly voiced by Marina. Serious as well which I enjoy goliath beats up thugs and Elisa's very happy. The best thing that could happen to the city that's right because the city cannot be policed by police. Officers can only by Mrs Mugabe everything. Vigilante Justice I don't think it would. I'll be turtles or Batman. This is what the city needs and then it was rough in the nineteen nineties man and then our thugs show up our commandos. Show up and Trink to chew Goliath full of some sort of sedative or something. The goliath and Lisa flee the boys who are out trying to sightsee and have found a motorcycle things and then blown it up lots of stuff also blows up surly. That character will never return. This universe has a lot of extra oxygen in the air. I think on Central Park blow up that thing blowing up blowing up in the tower that we're just we just gas cans everywhere in the nineties. And along the way we get the very distinct personalities for the for for the boys we find out pretty clearly that Lexington is going to become donatello going to become the tech. The Tech Person Broadway is at least Orlando because the jolly hedonistic eating stuff type and Brooklyn is figure out little later on that. He's kind of Goliath in training. But he's not there yet. Yeah he's a he's a little bit more than the Goliath is little Mo cool oh but crude reference. We get a funny funny scene where they try to when they realized they can't get back to the tower easily. Try to the cab which man as Lisa and glide fleeing they discover that glide has a radio tracker with him on him with a logo on it at least puts it on a dog the logo. I love the logo. What happened to that dog? We never see that dog again. That's what happened to. The dog is still following. We have fun so as we mentioned up top the at least discovers that despite the fact that Goliath has tried to hide this whole stone stone sleep thing for him that like she discovers it when they can't make it back before dawn and he explains briefly before he turns stone that he's totally vulnerable during day so she tries to lead the commandos away and we get a really great action sequence as she takes them out she goes to the boathouse. The Boat House blows up. She guy in with a jacket like this rowboats also by the way but hey that's okay gasoline. I don't remember the waterfall and the sheer cliff in central park. Ah I must exist. I'm going to leave it does it does not exist. I'm sure there's some of it is also a park that is because it's nineteen ninety-four MT at broad daylight as dangerous. No one dared say in that part. I wondered about that in the scene where she runs through the cafe. But it's also yeah dawn because he's just turned to stone so it's probably a little it's Kinda like Morningside Park. Yeah they called any of the mercenary. Our Dan the first jogger when she finally circles back to Goliath anyone who lived in New York City in the late eighties. If I say it's more like Morningside Park is laughing at home now or in the car. Yeah the Nice bit with Jogger. WHO's like I have run through this for five years thirsting that statue which is funny and then they he just keeps going though visit because there's a New Yorker? I just missed it. Neural Lisa stays with Goliath all day. which finally basically earns her some trust strikes? She's he's protected him and that that is a bond right. That's sort of establishes a bond that we don't have with Santos even though Santos is the one who is brought them all back upon upon returning we get the clan. Gets all of their names my notes. Here's what we know. They can't read so I guess they're just all things they overheard and clearly the over a lot of things they they had a very busy day right. So we've got Lexington Broadway Brooklyn and Bronx. I mean. Look they're speaking modern English so we have some accommodation the nation to make it's fair true. Magic Garbo's have very flexible brains as because of their origins that are magic you ever sold translated. Santos wants to Goliath. And we get the reveal of Dimona and we get our reunion a union between the two lovebirds. Dimona tells a story about basically going after Goliath and then having when she realized they've turned stone having the biggest cast the spell again Santos Tos says that he acquired her first. This is also some questionable but interesting like this is another thing I like about the show is layered narratives right like we're already suspicious because of the way this is presented were suspicious of these characters and a lot of this stuff will end up being things that turn out to be inaccurate not inaccurate but like there dissembling right which is another fascinating thing that we don't get a lot. I feel like in this area of this year. Well in in my my memory I always knew Santos was the bad guy like I mean. He's got a ponytail. He's gotta go he wears. I mean do you need to see his his tax returns to those people and so in the first episodes with he's you know nice and he'd saved them and all of the stuff I was was just like did I completely forget being stern. I was very very confused. And so when it all turns okay in my memory. Isn't that bad. We get them all sent on their missions to all these various sites which includes some some fun confrontations we get some character development moments as we realized that Dimona is pretty callous about human lives and Goliath is still not quite ready despite having been betrayed by humans to sort of categorically dismissed all humans every guard every facility is incapable of shooting. Anybody that no one ever gets it right any of the actually the bulletin or whatever. I don't think so any point I don't think so stormtrooper some you know as a cartoon but it's also still like there's a lot of shoot out. There are a lot of guns in these sequences but yeah not a lot of people actually getting violently hurt. Yes we get the the the kids go to this tower and get you know. Ama- sensually ambushed by a bunch of guards but they managed to get their way out. We get Hudson. Who's the Saviola time? Rookie tricks his way in By essentially like giving himself up and then having brock's come in and save him Dimona destroys the airship despite Goliath wanting to save people. She's dragged him out at least a cease go out and do WANNA leaving the crash airship and she sort of her suspicions are raised. Dimona tries to convince Goliath that humanity is basically their enemy and Santos is the only one they can trust. He is not quite buying it. And this is when the cracks in this relationship. Start to show She goliath go. See a Lisa. Who reveals that? The logo that was on the radio tracker is a company that belong. Santos maybe just don't make your logo so prominent prominent. Whatever dan branding matters? And why..

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