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No doubt about that. We your oppressions of last weekend. Let's start there and me houses win as well as gun metal grey. And whether you know Coliseum in the bees tap it. And we knew he was a working progress. But that was that was an eyesore. Yeah. It was. But you know, to me, I mean, you know, Baffert talked about he thought he might have been a little bit short coming into that race. And you know, I mean, obviously, the we haven't seen a Catholic when you know, run his best race on the first Saturday may so it is a concern. But I can also give him a mole again he can gain a lot from that race. You know, and you know, I'm not giving opponent completely gunmetal grey. I thought that was a solid effort. I mean, obviously, he's going to have to run faster and and continue to move forward. But he's the type of coal to me a lot of stamina looks like some that female family, and you know, he wasn't going to be geared up the win that one mile race anyway, most likely honed or for just once build upon these efforts. And like, I said, you know, running second American pharoah fifth in the Breeders Cup juvenile that you know, he's got that foundation where he could really improve over the coming months, perhaps be a. Dangerous horse down the road. And how about in Florida? Yeah. Yeah. Liked his effort. You know, really was a nice effort his second time out. I thought it act would you know, Jimmy jerkins. He's could be really on the derby trail this year because you know, so has no I'm sorry. I hit him confused with the Georgia waiver. So yeah. Anyway, I did like me house looking forward to him stretching out that turns this time, you know, that Forida three old divisions a little bit up in the air. And you know, he looks pretty good right now. And the many of the any of the maidens. Catch your eye..

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