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Week. Senior reporter addie robertson. Who have heard on the broadcast many times before held an event about section two thirty. That's the law that says platforms aren't liable for their users publish. It is a critical lot. The internet also just turned twenty five years old last month. So addy held an event with a keynote by senator. Amy klobuchar democrat from minnesota is one of the sponsors of the tech act. That's an act that would reform section to thirty as well as a panel featuring michael chia. Who's the general counsel video sedan. Harry is a researcher writer. And a strategist human attack and amana keeping general counsel at wicca media which runs wikipedia. Talking about where section two thirty is where might go in the future. So we're going to run some highlights of that event for today addie and russell are gonna join talk about how it went and what they heard what they thought and as it happens here right now. Russell has done good. Love it addie. Congratulations on your event. It was a good one. Hey thank you so. Tell me how you think. The event went. And then i'm going to hand over the episode to you and we can listen to some highlights and talk it through. But how do you think of went. I thought it went well. One of the things i like about. Section two thirty is that. It's just a really weird conversation that people kept asking okay. What sides her can there are like fifty different sides and we had a really pretty interesting spread of perspectives and senator klobuchar speech was really good scene. Setter and i'm overall pretty happy. Yeah you know. What i thought was really interesting. Just as i watched the whole event senator klobuchar has some very strong perspectives. About what can be done in those perspectives. We're definitely not shared by the entire panel. In fact the safe tech act is it's it's always interesting to me to hear. Senators talked about their own legislation. 'cause they always make it seem so common sense but it's actually quite controversial. Some of the changes that she was proposing. Oh yeah absolutely well and also like you know. She addition to talk to thirty. She takes a pretty hard line on antitrust. I was actually surprised by how sort of enthusiastic she was about it. And i sort of imagine. The video guy is sitting there easter like. She's talking about breaking up google. He's like yeah. Okay a lot of the sort of civil society tech people which this is part of what we wanted to introduce the conversation like. They don't have a problem with antitrust. They are mostly hoping that section two thirty doesn't get changed in a way that makes it impossible to have wikipedia exist and then bringing up things like misinformation also just throws its own kind wrench into things because that's actually not largely problem that addressed with section two thirty and so you end up slipping weird stuff like first amendment reforming there. Yeah this was. I think is the panel went on the combination of we think facebook too big but if we changed to thirty to punish facebook we might end up punishing ourselves and then senator klobuchar talking about an inch. Just dead ahead. And even to some extent bringing up the idea of breakup as a potential remedy. All of that is a swirl and we've been talking on swirl for for some time and it was just really interesting to hear the spread of perspectives during this event. So at russell. I'm excited for this. Why don't you start and take us through this event and what we heard. Yeah absolutely. I think the one thing i want to start with this sort of like the chronological beginning. But like you know. I always like it when these things make a little news. And i think i was very interested to hear santa club. Stars line on antitrust. She sort of coming to the fore of like the democrats antitrust policy. She wrote a book called antitrust and is the chairman of the subcommittee on competition policy antitrust and consumer rights which is basically the senate home for antitrust policy so she's really sort of at the forefront of it and i thought it was interesting she a lot of time she gets gloucestershire's like this moderate voice but she was pretty harsh on facebook. Here we have. We have this clip at the root of this problem lies the ability of a few companies to act as gatekeepers and as we see when they dominate markets exclude rivals buy out their competitors. We've got a problem. In the emailed words of mark zuckerberg. These businesses are nascent but the networks established. The brands already meaningful. And if big go to a large scale could be very disruptive to us they could be very disruptive to us. I always about the tech industry was about disruption it's about disrupting the status quo and bringing in new good ideas that basically blow up the marketplace in a positive way we can't have monopoly stopping disruption so in a way the work i am doing is simply a reply to that email so the interesting thing so this was this was something that we had on the site like dual casey and nikolai byline. When the antitrust hearing happened he's talking about instagram and path so instagram they bought path proved not to be disruptive to facebook. I think it's fair to say but this is not a public statement. He meant to make. And i do think i don't know i mean do do we do. We hear this. And think like amy kluber. Shar is on team break-up facebook it feels like it will qualify that by saying at the very least it's team don't let facebook acquire anybody else. Yeah but team break-up facebook. I don't know it definitely seems like it's on the table ray. Which is very interesting so there have been on the left. A lot of really aggressive sort of pushes for stronger antitrust like we need some new like we need to empower the justice department. We need some new legislation that will enable us to kind of go after these businesses more heavily. And it's fairly recent that closure is trying to to kind of lead that i mean she just. She's only now coming to the to the lead on this committee. And i think because she ran in the democratic primary sort of as a moderate voice. She's been glossed as like. Well she's not in the end gonna like usher in this new era of trust busting but then elsewhere in the keynote. She's talking about well. You know it worked pretty well when we did this against. At and i mean. I don't know. I'm still kind of undecided. It's always hard to know how committed people are going. It's going to be a really politically difficult road to walk. If they move on. you know.

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