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On his left knee after the 2019 season that caused him to miss three months. He's gone six consecutive tournaments without a top 10 finish. Now your exclusive Wcbm Weather Channel forecast. We've got lots of sunshine and the temperatures are mild, not just today. For the rest of the week. We may see a shower too. This afternoon. Most of us though dry. It's a pleasant day 68. There is a slight chance of a shower this evening. It gets cooler loaded mid forties tonight. Blue skies tomorrow. 67 Thursday Sunny, warmer near 70 the high Thursday Meteorologist Terry Smith. From the weather Channel for talk radio. 6 80 WCBS at Penn Station in Baltimore. 64 57 in Hampstead reporting A 10 Oh, six on Michael Phillip L e 6 80 WCBM news When you want real news, informed opinion make the right choice Casey and company weekday morning said six on TALK radio. 6 80 Wcbm and 99.9 FM and Hartford County Wcbm Studio is sponsored by Safe Retirement Solutions. Peace of mind when It comes to your retirement savings, right? Burrowing and his team have safe retirement solutions for 10 to 66 11 20. This is the Bruce Elliot Show on talk radio is six Haiti wcbm. Good morning, I went over to loot of the here And now, Bruce Elliot show talk radio 6. 80 Wcbm is always thank you so much for having us him. You're just running. His boy began lively conversation last couple of days before the top of the hour. On requirements.

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